So who is To and From ?


About Sami,

“To and From is my part time passion. I am a Graphic Designer and work at a Manchester design studio 4 days a week. At the end of the week I get my creative wedding cap on and get to work on creating beautiful stationery for wonderful folk. I have been running To and From for a couple of years. I love every part of my work, from the early design idea stages – to tying the very last bow. I usually only work on one job at a time, meaning brides and grooms get my full attention during this important process.”

My top tips for stationery are:

1.Make a good impression. Your invitations are the first insight your guests will get into your wedding, first impressions count.

2.Meet your stationer. Stationery from faceless websites can go wrong with no human in site when the venue address is missing or the date is wrong.

3.Get a Pinterest account. If you have a style in mind for your day, any colour palettes or flowers you love or images of dresses / suits  Рbasically inspiration in any shape or form Рget it together on a Pinterest board and take it to your chosen suppliers. Visual folk work best with images.

4.Check your proofs carefully. Any good designer will make sure you receive digital proofs of your designs before they go off to be printed. Check these proofs carefully to minimise risk of typos and wrong information.

5.Do not spoil your stationery with bad handwriting. If you would like to include your guests names on your invitations make sure you – or someone you know – have nice handwriting and consider the pen you are writing them in. A beautiful design will surely be spoilt with blue biro.


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