I wonder have you heard of the New York Stationery brand Paperless Post?

I am about to show you a revelation in wedding invites that where not only can you send them in paper format, but also through the world wide web. It’s a great innovative idea, as most people tend to have friends and family all round the world these days. Paperless Post enables you to connect with your loved ones, with the brucey bonus of keeping those postage costs down. So I have taken the liberty to have a look on their website and choose my very own favourite invites. They are all very beautiful with collaborative designers such as Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang to name a few.

So creating a modern day theme, I have chosen the “custom made” invite to write about on my blog. If your not the creative type, the Quia II Belini is perfect for creating the your very own personalised Save the Date card. Not only will it fit you both as a couple, you could almost mix it up a bit by creating a collage of images and placing them in a moodboard template, try using Pixlr, this makes a real statement about you both as a couple.

Let me show you how, using images from Dan Hough Photo  and Kenny Brown Photography, and come on a WedVenture with me….

Theme: Me, myself and our selfie…….


Save the Date

No matter the season your own images will never date. Take the season we are in now, how effective does this bride to be look in her woolly hat against this sexy pink backdrop. Alternatively look at how striking the outdoor image looks with the leafy surrounding. Take it to the city and you have a fantastic, modern city chic image, one definitely for the wall pride of place. Timeless and stunning, no matter what, your loved ones will love seeing you both at your happiest and relaxed. The pre-engagement images from Dan Hough Photo show how you can use these images …..

Paperless post save the date blog pic
turning them into, voilà….. postcard save the dates in 4 short steps #winner

  1. Make it personal by uploading your image.
  2. Customize – add images and text
  3. Enter details.
  4. Add guests




(The details are fictitious to show how they could look)

The Invites

For a city wedding why not go for one of these chic invites to seal the theme. Looking at our New York bride Lucy, if I was to get an E-vite to a New York wedding the credit card would be out and flights would be booked asap. Take a look……



(City Panoramic)

City Panoramic


New York

Or you can personalise like your save the date and really put your stamp on the expectation of the big day…

Quai II
(Quai II)

Or keep it simply Chic with this elegant “She said Yes” invite… #Lushness

She Said Yes!

Fast forward to your wedding day and for me its really important you think outside the box when its time to get your photos taken. The best ones could be your thank you cards


Dan Hough Photo – City vibes from Mr and Mrs Chic..


Karen Clifford – Sunset Beach. Daniel and Samantha Blog.


“Let the Bride eat the Cake” – Kenny Brown Photography
( OK this one is just a bit of fun, but hey why not eat the cake !!!)


Cityscape – The Midland Hotel ( Mark and Heather Heath Blog)

Lucy NY iSUUE IST PAGE (2)-5

Empire state of mind – (Lucy and Christopher Wadsworth Blog)

All these images, some of which are real weddings, which you can find upon the blog. Others are from previous photoshoots we have done to showcase how to make the most of being a city bride. Each image showcases the venue and couple on their happiest day. Who wouldn’t want anyone of these images dropping through their door or winging its way on the web??? Its what dreams are made of….