Hands up if you been sat there for ages trying to think of something funny to write in a  card. We have all seen the range of wedding cards out there, and to be honest you do struggle to find ones that are personal to the wedding couple or that are funny and can relate to your friendship. After all you kinda sometimes want to either take the P out of each other or just make your bestie giggle when they read the card.

If you have not seen Love Layla Designs where have you been?

They are not for the PC police in fact they are so un PC they are hilarious and her Instagram posts make me laugh daily. They promote the saying ” Printing what your thinking” and its that alright, but all said with tongue and cheek humour.  They say “With 9 years experience within the graphic design and print industry, our cards are designed professionally and all designs are original and our own work”.

Designed to give you a little giggle here are some wedding cards for you to look at.




You can connect with the Love Layla Designs on the following links and find their bridal page here.

This post was not sponsored its just for fun 🙂