Sorry but No kids allowed..

Yes.. no kids at weddings I said it. I’m a firm believer in leaving the kids at home for this one. I’m not being a bitch, I like kids my friends have kids, there’s children in my family and I love them! They are funny and great to be around.

I know this topic can divide people and I totally get why, it’s just for me I have this fear of one of the small guests crying or shouting at the most important bit you know…the vows!! and I can’t hide when I’m annoyed or unhappy and that doesn’t make for nice photographs.

I’ve been giving it lots of thought lately because I’ve found it hard and I don’t want to upset anyone but then I have to remember it’s our day and hopefully our guests will understand that.

Ways to tell your guests;

Be subtle- only put the names of the adults on the invite. Too subtle maybe? I’m planning on adding a line in the invite information stating no children, come and have a drink and relax.

Be firm- you can’t have one and not have them all… that’s that.

Plan ahead- tell the parents ASAP and let them know the deal. Your wedding might be 18 months away but at least they are clear and you avoid any awkward convos closer to the time

Blame the venue- might seem harsh but one venue we went to see asked if we’re inviting kids to which we said we’re unsure of what to do really. She said “just blame us, no kids policy” which would have been fitting as this venue was practically a nightclub. Not sure you’ll get away with it if your having a county house wedding..

I’m just going to be honest and hope for the best because after all honesty is the best policy.. right?


children at weddings

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