I am very excited to introduce Arron Newton, our sassy bridal blogger bringing some wit and wisdom to our Bridal Chic magazine …..

“Last week I was lucky enough to attend the grand opening of Albert Schloss. Anyone that knows me would agree that I’m a self certified ‘foodie’. The only thing I love more than food is binge watching desperate housewives and imagining I’m Eva Longoria…but food is a very close second. This launch was right up my street. Not only did I get to don my best garbs and up my sass levels to maximum, I got to enjoy great food, drink and in a fantastic venue.”

“Albert Schloss (Peter street Manchester) is ‘A Bavarian palace, country pile or chateau…fit for debauchery. Expect roaring fires, taxidermy, tankers, schnapps and spanking…’ and boy, it did not disappoint .The venue is huge, and I mean huge; with a roaring fire at the entrance and luxury VIP booths at the back. it genuinely feels like you’ve stepped in from a day skiing in the Alps , but without the £2000 plane ticket.”

“When we arrived the party was in full swing. Burlesque dancers, a jazz band, fire breathers. They. Had. It .all . I mean, I wasn’t happy that after all my efforts getting dressed up, that I got out sassed by a costumed actor in nipple pasties, but they were nice nipple pasties all the same. So I’ll forgive.”

Albert Schloss blog picture

“In terms of drink, I’m really not much of a beer drinker, but I would thoroughly recommend the Pilsner Unquell. This light, aromatic, beer with a hint of caramel hasn’t has it’s recipe changed in over 200 years. This dedication for the preservation of their brand has paid off. I literally drank it all night; which is rare as I’m usually a bars resident wino! The food was also TO DIE FOR. I’d like to think of myself as a pizza connoisseur of sorts; and their tiny delectable pizzas even had me weak at the knees.”

albert schloss prosecco

“From a wedding perspective, I’d say this venue is slightly too big for a wedding party, but for a quirky twist or a dinner rehearsal, the VIP booths at the back would be perfecto!”

“And not that you need another reason to attend this amazing venue, but ladies…. The bathrooms have a hook for your handbag. Seriously.”

albert schloss toilet

Enjoy ….

Arron xx