You have finally made it all about the groom and you want to make sure he looks tip top and super smart……

Hold up! actually let me rewind that, with the men taking more pride in their appearance just as much as the bride to be, we thought it would be great to hear what the guys had to say from Dobell Menswear

Read on for your top tips on how to pick your perfect suit.

Measure Up

The first thing you should do when embarking on your wedding suit purchase is get measured, by a professional. This is a corner that often gets cut but it is the first and most important thing to get right. You can pick what you think is the perfect suit but if it doesn’t fit right it won’t look good and you won’t feel comfortable. Go to a proper tailor and make sure you get your exact measurements before you do anything else.


Vet your Venue

The location and theme of your wedding will play a huge part in what style suit you should go for. For example, a tuxedo might be the appropriate choice for a formal wedding, where-as a tweed three piece might be more suited to a country barn occasion. Make sure you dress for the occasion as this will dictate the feel of the whole day.



Apart from looking great, the second most important thing is that you are comfortable on the day. The fabric you chose will play a major part in this. Linen blends are a lot lighter and breathable for summer but woollen blends can provide that extra warmth in winter. Chose carefully and make sure you take the weather, style and feel all into account before making any decisions.


Consider your Colours

Not only should the colours you chose match the bridal party, they should also be seasonal. If you are getting married in Spring/ Summer, a grey suit is a classic winner. If you are heading up to a winter wedding try warmer tones such as burgundy or Navy. Tweed is becoming one of the top wedding trends due to its versatility looking great all year round and suiting a number of wedding styles.

Find your Fit

Once you know your measurements and have chosen you colour scheme you need to decide which fit is right for you. With a number of different fits available these days, including tailored, slim, skinny and regular, you can chose a style that suits your style and shape.



Unfortunately for the groom, their accessories are generally out of their hands as they need to reflect those chosen by the bride and her bridal party. Colours are non-negotiable and are normally dictated by the bride but with accessories on the rise there are a number of ways men can show off their style and still stick to the scheme. Whether it’s a statement bow tie or a decorated lapel pin, don’t be afraid to accessorise!


Shoes are often an afterthought for most grooms but there is nothing worse than an impeccably dressed groom with scruffy shoes. Whatever shoes you wear make sure they match the style of the suit and are freshly polished!

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