Ever wanted to know what happens behind the scenes of a Bridal Chic shoot….well let me tell ya, its not all glam and rock n roll but the one thing I do know is its uber fun! I wanted to blog a typical day on set with yours truly and the Bridal Chic creative team……lets go. Kenny got in touch with me about shooting with model Dee the other half of Soiree Make up. A beautiful curvaceous mixed race woman, you can probably guess, I said hell yeah, what are the deets, get the whats app group set up! Kenneth and the team is set. Just a mini shoot, Kenny, hair, make up, model and me until I decided to get it filmed! Phil from Base Aura was our plus 1, new to the wedding scene he set about filming the wedding video so we could show our alternative brides the rounds.

ziferblat edge st

The Venue – Zieferblat a new upcoming alternative wedding venue. So if its a house party vibe your after for your wedding, it’s perfect. Grab your DJ, get the caterer of your choice in bring your booze, then all that’s left is your wedding guest list. This is the place to book, its cool ,its chilled and its right up our street…..
(read the story of Ziferblat at the bottom of this blog, written by our Andy)


Back to the shoot to give you an idea of how it works I thought I would give you a behind the scenes tour round our styled shoot.

7.30 am – Wake up to the usual little munchkin running into my bedroom with the entourage of teddies. We are just starting to watch milkshake TV when a knock at the door at 8.10 get us up from our slumber. It’s Lisa from Paragon Floral Design with the bouquet and her son. That shoots me out of bed quicker than a flash! Lisa has produced a beautiful colourful green bouquet. Asking how this was made, Lisa said…
” This was a design with curled green ferns rolled to look like a huge green rose (carmen rose) with begonias, dianthus, wax flower and alliums. It was a delicate bouquet with details in the leaf shapes in the way they curl and are mis-shaped. It’s light weight easy to hold and can also be made with rose petals ”

Paragon floral design

9 am- It’s the school drop off then a quick stop to pick up the outfits, bouquet and Kenny B our photographer and we are on our way………..boom

10 am – Get to Zieferblat. The girls from Soiree make up are on their way and we sit and catch up with hair stylist Becky Betty, whom we absolutely love working with, and her little daughter. If we cant get childcare the kids come along. That’s how we roll. The girls get to work with the finishing touches from the make up

soiree make up


kenny brown photography

10.30am –  Whilst hair and make up are happening we meet Phil from Base Aura who is shooting the video for our venue alongside our shoot. The rest of us have a brew from the complimentary kitchen. When you go to Ziferblat drinks and and cake as just part of the deal…we are in !base aura

11.15- We head outside whilst the weather is till in our favour. The team at Ziferblat are amazing and helpful which is awesome. It makes our life much easier when you have a great team around you. The thing with the Northern Quarter is that there are so many photo options its hard to know where to start. So we head to a Happy Mondays inspired wall and that’s when the crowds start to come in. With our Dee looking pretty dam smokin’ its easy to see why she is getting all the attention. Some dude has just told her she should model for vogue! he can stay…lol
Becky has done an amazing up do with the hair, to me, now bear with, she looks like a 21st century Adeva and I loved Adeva (saw her when I was 13, the big sis chaperoned me to many a concert at the Apollo). She has pinned it up so its flying high with a kick ass Fro fringe. It gives her a cool contemporary edge and it looks fresh. With the H&M jumpsuit we bought for £29.99 and some Charlotte Mills shoes….boom city bride just got styled.



kenny brown photography

We head down to the side street. Kenny has an idea for a New York inspired street shot so we let him ride with it. The outcome of this is the awesome image below.

ziferblat 1

As Kenny is snapping away I decided to run and ask the guys from Northern Flowers if we can use the entrance for a shot. I want to run with the colourful theme of the day and luckily these guys are hospitable enough to say yes and the outcome of these shots live up to my expectation, with the euro football bunting flying high these images turn out a treat. Full of colour and life this is what the Northern Quarter is all about, so if your worried about where to have your wedding images don’t be. Take a look for yourself, with colourful shutters and walls to the amazing artwork that is adorning our city right now we couldn’t resist sharing these images with you….wait till you see the Prince wall it’s hot!

ziferblat 4


ziferblat 2


ziferblat 3

These are just a few images that we took outside the venue now for the inside.
How good does it look?
We look forward to showcasing more as Bridal Chic in the City are teaming up with Ziferblat in the coming months. A business workshop will run on September 15th and the wedding showcase on the 18th. Tickets are available here. In the meanwhile kick back and check out the schoolroom, the lounge and the other possibilities this venue has to offer for our alternative wedding couples.

kenny brown photography


kenny brown photography


kenny brown photography


kenny brown photography

Contributors who made this shoot awesome….

Model – Dee from Soiree Make Up
Images – Kenny Brown Photography
Hair – Becky Betty
Make Up – Soiree Make Up
Flowers – Paragon Floral Design
Footwear – Charlotte Mills
Film – Base Aura
Venue- Ziferblat



The Story Of Ziferblat….

“Nicole took me to Ziferblat a while ago and I must say, the concept impressed me. An office without being an office. The concept was new to me. I had previously worked in schools so something like this wasn’t on my radar. Well, it is now. Going to the one in Manchester, I became aware of the one in Liverpool quite quickly but it was only when I was posting a picture on Facebook about the showcase at the Manchester Ziferblat, I realised that Ziferblat wasn’t just a Northwest thing, nor was it just an English thin, anything but. The first location that came up when I typed Ziferblat was Moscow. Eh? Moscow? Really? This needs investigating.

I knew and understood the concept of Ziferblat. It’s clever. Everything is free except the time you spend there. There are all sorts of things in there. All manor of food. You can have any meal of the day at any time you wanted until 10pm. It’s all free. There is an extensive kitchen and as long as you clean up after yourself, everybody is happy. We’ve all worked in places where there is that one person who has that mentality that if you leave something for long enough, it’ll do it by itself. Well, not here. Use what you want but clean up after yourself. It’s there, it’s free. Go for it. All you pay for is the time you spend there and at 6p per minute, you can’t complain. Even that’s capped after 5 hours.

Right, here’s what I didn’t know. Ziferblat started in an attic in Moscow. I’m sure lots of things have started in attics in Moscow but let’s not worry about other things right now. Ivan, who opened it soon realised he needed a more formal way to fund his idea when the attic became too small and the guest donations funding it wasn’t quite matching the demand. Demand was high, so something had to change. Change it did. Ziferblat users became guests as if they were visitors to your house. Tea and cake was laid out for you to help yourself.

Because everything is free except time itself, you find that you participate with time like a real life social network. You pay for time so you use it productively.”

Our mission is to create a place conducive to people to feeling free, devoid of the pressures of modern living.”

Ivan Meetin