Stuck for where to get married? Well the guys over at Perfect Planner  have only gone a done this awesome interactive wedding quiz. The idea is to find out where your perfect wedding should take place.

Should it be here in blighty or abroad?

A stately home or dare I say it a city wedding ?

I felt it rude not to have a go as I’m so into my wedding world, so onto the wedding quiz I went.

The outcome for me? The destination wedding.

Now I didn’t get married abroad but that wasn’t for the love of trying, it just never worked out that way. Las Vegas was the first contender, we even went over to research the chapels.
Hotels I may add not little white
Would it the Wynn? Or would it be the Bellagio ?
Neither for family couldn’t all make it and I was not that bride that had the guts to go it alone. Props to those who do!

Secondly Mauritius, we sourced this even down to the flip flop sandle candle favours (gotta love ebay aye) Again a big fat NO! (3 nieces and nephews under 5 was always gonna be a struggle…ha, much love to them)

I did however have the most beautiful Christmas wedding at Thithe Barn, Meols Hall in Churchtown with a sergeant major wedding planner even I wouldn’t mess with, god love her. My wedding was a small affair approx 75 people with family and friend who meant something to me. After all that’s all that matters isn’t it.


But that’s not to say I wouldn’t renew my wedding vows abroad and still live the dream, only this time instead of 2 there will be 3 and that’s just perfect for me.

Let me know what you scored in the wedding quiz in the comments below.

Peace and Love,

Nic x