Becoming a seasoned wedding fayre bride.

So it’s the season of the wedding fayres there so many to chose from how will you fight the crowds pick your supplier for the big day? Here are our top tips:

  • Grab the goody bag first, there are usually limited supplies so be sure to get there early.

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  • Is it worth registering your email? Hell yeah! First off we all love the chance of winning a cheeky competition but only enter if it’s something you actually want to win. Don’t give a fake address just politely say “No thanks” they won’t be upset, infact they will almost always respect your wishes . Exhibitors totally understand that their product isn’t for everyone.

  • Chat the the owners of each stall. They won’t bite, your not just buying a service you’re there to connect with the owner. For example if you hire a photographer you want to be able to get on with that person, you’ll have to be with them the whole day so they almost need to become your friend and make sure you get images that represent you…..


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  • Try the cake… go on you know you want to and let’s face it, it has to be yummy and of course mega tasty, not just for you, but those hungry guests….

  •  Be inspired. Don’t be afraid to ask for a quote within your price range. If you see a spectacular display or wedding setting they may be able to do a lower cost version of what they have set up. Remember the exhibitor is there to wow you but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer other versions. Don’t ask you don’t get!


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  • Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials. Exhibitors pride themselves on their service and what they can offer and usually on their facebook page they have a review section. Take a look read and message previous clients if you want the details.


  • If there is a bridal show watch and admire take a pen and pad, write the names of the designers and stores of each walk. Just don’t do a friends style rugby scrum for “THAT” dress… its so not lady like!

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    Enjoy AW16 wedding season people drink up, read the free magazines, and have the most amazing time planning.

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