Victoria Warehouse was my next location for this awesome shoot. I was looking in town the other day and was inspired by the high st looks for this spring/summer. There is lots of lace, embroidery and at the other end of the spectrum, simple clean cut lines. There was an array of outfits which fit my city wedding theme and I really wanted to focus on a paired down version of black and white. So, what did we find……….let me tell ya, OMG, infact let me show ya!!!


The main thing for me with this shoot, was that we did something completely different than the last shoot. I honestly think we delivered that. I wanted to use different parts of the warehouse and show you how, as a couple, you can capture more amazing photos together around the venue…. The phrase lots of nooks and crannies springs to mind!

The Entrance – “Beware Of The Trains”

The sign, the metal doors, the industrial glam, how many ways can you imagine the outcome of your final wedding images. In the summer you can definitely dress the outdoors and make a spectacular entrance for the start of the proceedings. Or for those wanting a bit of fresh air during the day, it would make for a nice seating area in the corner. There are options here so don’t rule anything out.

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The Library

Possibly my most favourite part of the venue was the library. I’ve been itching to take some images of this corner. This small and intimate space is full of character and intrigue, you can get a picture three ways just in this area .
Not Just Lights  provided a unique take on the light up lights made up of wooden pallets. For a rustic, urban warehouse flavour it pulls together the New York industrial look like a dream…..

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Urban lights in action…..

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Our Model Bryony was rockin this 3 piece from Zara. Totalling £135  for the trouser, jacket and lace cropped top. The flared ankle graze trouser and tied casual jacket is totally on trend and actually really wearable #notjustforsummer. The black trim detail on edging of the ivory material just gives this look that city chic vibe, and while this outfit is not for everyone, it is for me, for that offbeat bride who wants to be different.

The Seat Of Quotes 

Set directly opposite the library I can image the wedding couple sat loved up against the seat of quotes, it makes for a pretty awesome image.

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Selfie Time

I’m sorry but this Internet area is genius…I mean “Err hello, we just got maaaaaaaarrrrriiiiiiiiieeeeeeed” to those friends and family who quiet simply, for love, nor money couldn’t be there ………#facetime

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Luurvee it!

The Staircase

The warehouse boasts not one but two staircases adorned with big bling mirrors, and guess what else? a not so secret graffiti wall. Ok ok there is so many options, I hope I’ve opened your eyes. This industrial staircase shot just shows how the softness of flowers and bright white of the outfit can offset the harshness of the mass of concrete you may not be able to get out of your mind… its a real test of thinking outside the box . Don’t ever forget a picture is taken in seconds so before you rule out a location just try it, it may turn out to be the best shot you ever had.

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The jumpsuit was from Mango reasonably priced at £39.99. I actually bought this on a whim, it was my impulse buy. The material draped teasingly showing off the models back. Its a slightly risqué outfit and can be dressed modestly with a cropped jacket for the less daring, or daytime look, taking it off for the evening reception … time…..woop woop.

The Bays

We did do this shot before on a previous shoot of the bays, but that time we didn’t have the team at Kandy Party events giving it the “Kandy Touch”. I love these boys, their creative energy is off the charts and its definitely a case of bringing something else to the table, quite literally, like this floral head mannequin surrounded by mirrors and tea-lights ….#off-the-chart!…lol. Do you know that phrase #daretobedifferent? they do and I can’t wait to see what they have instore for the showcase happening here on the 14th May.

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The Tableau


noun tab·leau \ˈta-ˌblō, ta-ˈblō\

Simple Definition of tableau
: a view or sight that looks like a picture.
: a scene that typically shows an event in history or literature and that is created on a stage by a group of people who are dressed in costumes and who do not speak or move.

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I love this shot, Kenny got this just right. I wanted to show a side to the shoot you dont always see. The poor model, who in this case was my lovely friend Bryony, gets pulled and pushed and prodded to within an inch of her life. How cool is this shot that depicts this? I will almost certainly get this blown up onto my wall when Bridal Chic HQ has its own office……

The dress from H&M was £29.99 I will admit initially I loved this dress, then I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to buy it. Don’t get me wrong its nice, but it was described to me as boho which put me off in all honesty.  I went ahead and bought it and actually it looked pretty stunning on. For one, it looks more expensive than it was and Bryony totally pulled it off with the black shoes from Zara. It suddenly became edgy and city chic. It just shows sometimes you need to go with your instinct and first choice.

The Flowers

Our fab friends at Paragon Floral Design created some colourful pieces. Now for those who have worked with me I do place all my trust into the creatives, after all, they are the ones making the pieces for the shoot. I am very open to suggestion and give them free reign to make something truly special based on my thoughts in my head…its a worry I know! The point being these guys nail it every time. This statement pink orchid flower against the black and white theme worked with every outfit we purchased. The headpiece was amazing and looked fabulous, transforming the whole look taking it to another level (no Dane Bowers jokes please!)

The team said “With the clean and strong lines of the jump suit I designed a simple black frame with spiralling black spaghetti fabric on the under side and massed of bold pink orchids on the top with wire and bead details some a head band to match. I wanted to create something for a busy office bride who was strong in personality and with her outfit in the lines of the jump suit and who would have a simple but bold pop of strong colour in her bouquet. As her life is busy her bouquet would be uncomplicated. Head band was to mirror her bold attitude with the disk of flowers to complement the bouquet”


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The Hair and Make Up

Charlie from Brides by Binx took my initial photo inspirations and transformed Bryonys already long blonde locks into a mass of slicked back curls. I loved this look and the way Satyrion‘s black birdcage headpiece sat with the trouser suit outfit, it worked amazingly. Changing it up with an up do and pale pink lippy the focus was all on the floral headpiece.

Charlie says “We loved the idea of the slick roots and fluffy curls for the trouser suit. It’s such a sexy but soft, wearable look. I paired this with smokey brown eyes, not going to dark and keeping a romantic vibe with the softer, paler tones. I used a bold red lip for the trouser suit, then softened it with more pinky purple tones and pastels for the two other looks, to show off the colours in incredible head piece. We changed the hair by scooping it up, to show her back off in the play suit. Again another really wearable, soft, yet out of the ordinary wedding hairstyle.” Again Charlie worked her magic and created an avant garde look with a city chic edge….you got the brief in one baby!

bts 1


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Special thanks go out to :

Lucy the Bridal Dresser who, new on the scene came to see our behind the scenes shoot and write up the blog. We also managed to take some images of her throughout the day and she became an invaluable member of the team helping me to style our model when the jumpsuit was too long and the jacket wasn’t quiet looking right. It’s not all plain sailing I tell ya. I think the service Lucy can provide will ease brides dress stress on their big day.

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Kenny Brown Photography who once again made everyone at ease and executed yet another amazing shoot the images are epic.


Victoria Warehouse whom we are collaborating with again to give you one of the best showcases Manchester has seen in one of the coolest venue around. The guys are awesome, friendly and approachable go #TeamVW

Have you save the date?

14th May // 11am till 3 pm // Free Entry //30+exhibitors

Come on down loads to see and people to meet……….

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Peace out

Nic x

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Always working!!! “stand right there and dont move” !