Ever wanted to know what the deal was with wedding photographers? Well our exhibitor Matt Collis Photography is spilling the beans in our 5 mins with feature….read on and enjoy.

1. How do you get into photography?

“I got into photography when I was at uni studying design. We had to spend a few weeks shooting and dark room developing and that was my first taste of it.”

2. What’s your most memorable wedding wedding and why?

“My most memorable wedding would have to be the Barbados job I took. A UK couple narrowed it down to a guy from the states and me. I luckily got the job and shot their destination wedding in the caribeean. It was an awesome day at the office.”

3. What would you recommend the couple look look for look for in their wedding photographer?

“Always make sure you think you can handle being in the company of your photographer all day and that you can feel comfortable around them. This is the most important thing when making your final choice.”

4. How much would you advise they budget for wedding photography?

“A minimum budget for photography should be £800. A lot of work goes on after the wedding day if a photographer is doing a proper job. This will cover a portion of your day bring shot and should cover a reasonable amount of editing work post wedding. Beware the cheap photographer. They are cheap for a reason.”

5. What’s your top 3 wedding photography tips you could offer any soon to be wed couple?

1.Choose your favourite style and then find the photographer you get on with the best.

2.Make sure your photographer finds out what you would like, rather than telling you what you are going to get!

3.Rest your cheeks as often as you can between pictures and don’t be afraid to tell your photographer if you need a little break. Also a good photographer will appreciate your input, ideas and direction which will make the experience more personal.

Showing all the different styles of his photography, I wanted to share this awesome image to showcase Matt’s diversity.

matt 2