Many people go extravagant for their big day, but you want to keep it simple as a minimalist bride. A little sparkle will go a long way to showcase your glowing smile and beautiful dress. When you opt for simple accessories, you place the focus on what you prefer to stand out during your special day and to your guests.

All that glitters isn’t gold, but the right amount of accessories will make your modern wedding perfect. Here are seven pieces of jewellery that will work best with your minimalist wedding look.


  • 1. Stackable Bracelets


Stackable bracelets may feel like teen fashion out of the ’90s, but minimalist stackable bracelets in gold, silver or copper can complement your gown. The bracelets add a romantic and royal feeling as they gentle cascade metallically on your wrists as you make an elegant turn during your first dance as a married couple.

Select thin midi-bracelets for your wrists, so they don’t feel bulky or in the way. You can choose other types of stackable bracelets by a preferred clasp and fit, so you don’t feel uncomfortable with the bracelets sliding up and down your wrists all day. Stackable bracelets flatter all types of skin tones due to availability in many metallic finishes.


  • 2. Dainty Pearls


Is Mom going on about the importance of wearing a pearl necklace for your wedding? Can’t stand the idea of multiple strands or heavy pearls that don’t match your dress?

Choose to wear dainty freshwater pearls that accent a simple gold or silver necklace, instead of trying to take it over with bulkiness.


  • 3. Backless Dress Accent


Wearing a low-back dress? Accent your back with a delicate trailing necklace that slopes down the open area and complements the cut. Draping pearls accent a scoop neckline, while a deep V-neck gets flattered by two simple pendants. Add a charm or two to symbolize your couple goals, families uniting or personal memories.

While the necklace may look simple from the front, it accents the back of your dress and extends your look. Don’t underestimate this unique, eye-catching accent idea.


  • 4. Gemstone Cuff


Consider taking apart old vintage jewelry to reset it into a more modern style. Attach pearls, diamonds and other gems to gold or silver cuffs. Arrange the gems into a pattern, line them up or bunch them together to create a unique gemstone cuff. Combine your something old with something new.


  • 5. Knotted Earrings and Detailed Pieces


Wear knotted earrings and other detailed pieces to complement a structured dress form and shape. Think Kate Middleton’s donning of the four-row Japanese pearl choker that Princess Diana also wore. Bring back those structured heirloom pieces from the ’80s. Accentuate your silhouette with extra knotted accessories, such as a knotted collar or pendant necklace.


  • 6. Rose Gold Rings


Rose gold existed ages before the iPhone and cars started coming customized in the trendy hue. It’s not going anywhere fast and rose gold makes for an Instragrammable wedding, which explains some things about the prevalence of millennial pink. Brides are demanding dresses in the color. Rose gold is what salmon wasn’t for men and functions as a gender-neutral color perfect for all couples.

Rose gold is a middle ground between silver and gold, and rings are the perfect simple item to show off the color. Start with thin stackable rings with stars and geometric shapes for personality. Consider a cuff ring or a tiny baguette ring. What about a rose gold ring that incorporates rose quartz, the gem of love?


  • 7. Humorous Statement Necklace


Minimalist doesn’t equal boring or classic. Add your signature humor into your statement jewelry with a “wifey” necklace or a custom engraved necklace with a word that only your partner-to-be will get. Don’t show it to them before the wedding. Walk down the aisle wearing it and see how long it takes for them to notice and interpret the word choice.

From stackable bracelets to a humorous statement necklace, these seven accessories make the perfect modern accents for your minimalist wedding vision.

While shopping, do up your hair and makeup and wear a neckline similar to your dress. That’ll make the selection process easier. Now, make a list of all the jewelry stores you want to visit and invite your bridal party along for an accessory shopping adventure.


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