3 ways to get the perfect wedding look from London Wedding Dress Alterations. 

Whether you are in the process of choosing your perfect dress, or have already selected it, the way you style your wedding dress for the big day can have a huge impact.  In this post I’ve teamed up with the renowned London Wedding Dress Alterations shop, Alterations Boutique, to bring you a coherent guide to honing your wedding dress style.

1. Stick to what you know: Don’t stray too far from your everyday style.
Although your wedding day is a special occasion, don’t be tempted to stray too far from your everyday style. Whether you always avoid floor length gowns, or dislike the feel of a strapless neckline on your figure, make sure your wedding dress adheres to these personal preferences. By opting for styles and cuts that you are used to, you can be confident that you will feel comfortable when the day comes. There is such a wide range of dresses available, so be sure to research the variety of styles on the market to make sure your dress lives up to your image. Alterations, both minor and major, can completely change the style of you wedding dress, adapting the piece to fit your specific requirements.

2. Comfort is key
You may have found your dream dress, however, if it doesn’t fit like a glove you may find your day tainted by constantly adjusting your dress and wishing it fitted perfectly. Having your dress adjusted can remove these worries, from resizing to restyling, there are many things that can be done with professional wedding dress alterations. Here are some examples:

>Taking in or letting out the sides
>Shortening or lengthening
>Reshaping the neckline
>Adding sleeves

All of these services tailor the dress to your specific wishes, to best flatter your figure, making sure that you both look and feel amazing. Choosing comfortable shoes is also a must, you want them to compliment your dress and feel luxurious without compromising the comfort of your feet. You will be wearing them for a long time, walking and dancing, so make sure to test your shoes out to ensure you can endure them!


3. Added extras can make all the difference
The way you accessorise can completely transform your look, enhancing the dress you have chosen. Whether or not you have chosen a specific theme for your wedding, added extras really can make the world of difference. Throwing a jacket or cardigan over the dress can enhance the silhouette, and add an element of effortless chic. Similarly, when opting to wear a veil, choice of length can elongate or shorten the figure. Longer veils often serve to optically lengthen a petite frame, whereas mid-length veils can shorten a taller figure. Finally, if you do decide to add jewellery to your look, in a minimal or elaborate way, make sure to match the metals to ensure they look considered and beautiful. Considerations of these finer styling details really complete any wedding look.

Bio: This article was produced by Alterations Boutique, a leading specialist in wedding dress alterations and restyling, working to transform your vision into reality. You can book an appointment now or make an enquiry by emailing info@alterationsboutique.co.uk

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