Top 10 Reasons to get Married in Liverpool.

An artisan reception.
Why not have your wedding reception among some of the world’s finest artists. That’s right, the world’s finest artists. Picasso, Cezanne, Henri Matisse, Auguste Renoir and the wonderful Bridget Riley are all to be found at Tate Liverpool. Riley’s OpArt will mesmerise your senses. Tate Liverpool is one of the best galleries in this country outside the capital.


Photo Opportunities.
If there is any city that has landmarks for post wedding photographs, Liverpool is your place.

The Tate Liverpool is situated in one of the countries most famous docks. The Albert Dock. Those of a certain age will remember Fred The Weatherman jumping all over a giant map of the British Isles on morning television before he went on to have his segment in Granada Reports “Where’s Fred”. Fred’s in jail now but you can can still use the docks as the backdrop to the photographs on your special day.

Or What about The Three Graces? The Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building make up Liverpool’s iconic skyline. The mythical liver birds are a whopping 18 feet tall. Liverpool Football Club tried to copy write the image of the birds in 2008 but the council decided that the birds belonged to all the people of Liverpool and would look amazing in your pictures.

image by Andy Brown)

Staying on a watery theme. What about the elegance of an actual boat. Liverpool, being a huge port, often sees many ships coming and going into its port. Tall ships, pirate ships. Liverpool has it all and why not use it to your advantage. Get the dates right and your wedding pictures could well be ship shape.

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
Liverpool, in recent times has become synonymous with puppeteering. Most years, Liverpool is invaded by some for of giant puppet. In 2008, to mark Liverpool being one of the two European Cities of Culture along with Stravanga in Norway the city centre was taken over by a giant spider called La Princesse. Since then, French performance art company La Machine have brought other huge marionettes to Liverpool. In 2012, a giant girl walked through Liverpool with her dog and returned two years later with her grandmother.

What To Eat.
Well when in Rome….. You couldn’t go to Edinburgh and not eat haggis or go to Cornwall and not eat a pastie, so why not eat scouse? It’s actually lovely. Similar to Lancashire Hotpot, made with lamb and potatoes, this stew originated in Norway and thought to be brought here by the visiting sailors. The word scouse probably comes from the Norwegian word for the stew which is Lapskaus.
The dish is made slightly differently in other towns around Liverpool. In St. Helens, corned beef is used instead on lamb and the dish is known as “Lobbies” but “Lobbies” in Wigan is made with stewing steak. Back in Liverpool, “Blind Scouse” is scouse without meat.

Jump To The Beat.
Not many cities can boast such a wealth of music. The Northwest of England is a hotbed for it and Liverpool has it’s fair share. Gerry and the Pacemakers, Billy Fury, The Mighty Wah!, OMD, Cila Black, Echo and the Bunnymen, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Zutons, The Coral, Flock Of Seagulls, The Lightening Seeds, The Farm, Dead Or Alive, Cast and some band called The Beatles but nobody has ever heard of them or ever seen them or ever created a whole museum just about them and it’s members. I know, Imagine?

(image by Andy Brown)

(image by Andy Brown)

Scouse whit.

Liverpool has a brand new shopping centre called Liverpool One. The centre houses restaurants, cinemas, hotels and the shop with the funniest name in the world. Football is a major pastime in Liverpool. Having two major Premier League sides attracts visitors from all over the world and having club shops at the stadiums are not enough for Liverpool or Everton. Except, Everton couldn’t resist a little jibe at their neighbors. The Everton shop in the centre is called “Everton 2”. Why is that funny? Because of where the shop is situated of course. Imagine you work there and the phone goes and you have to answer it like your reading the football results on a Saturday evening. “Everton 2, Liverpool 1……” Whoever thought of that is a genius.

Ferry ‘cross The Mersey.
You can’t talk about Liverpool without mentioning “that” song. That’s right Ferry Across the Mersey by Gerry and the Pacemakers. Released in 1964. The song got to number 8 in the charts but in fact The Royal Iris predates the song by around 14 years. The Iris literally ferries passengers across the Mersey to Birkenhead and back. Once on the other side of the river, the view of Liverpool is breath taking. What a photo op’ that would be?!

What a Load of Rubbish.
Liverpool is famed for it’s two giants of world football but when you have two teams who both think the other is rubbish, what do you do with the bins? Liverpool play in red and Everton play in blue. It’s obvious what you do, you make the wheelie bins purple!!! Nobody can be offended by that and you can recycle all your wrapping paper in bins that both teams can use.

Unfortunately for reds fans, Bridal Chic in the City will hosting it’s next wedding showcase at Bluecoat in Liverpool on April 24th. I’m sure that won’t stop all you brides to be coming to see what we have for you for your big day.

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Another Top 10 city written by Andy Brown – Social Media Marketing.