We all know that festivals all about free spirit, music, a relaxed atmosphere and fun, fun, fun! There is nothing better than organizing an outdoor wedding in a cool summer breeze, accompanied by fantastic and chilling festival music and informal style. More and more couples opt for this kind of wedding due to those reasons, and here are some ways how to incorporate a laid-back festival style wedding.


Food and catering

Forget about ordering food from some special restaurant or having three or four courses, festivals are all about being completely taking the things easy. So, you should hire or rent out some street food trucks or pop-up stalls. Yes, you’ve heard it well – street food! Burgers, taco’s, wood-fired pizzas the choice is versatile and abundant. Everybody would roam around, having fun and eating different food, but also make sure that you find some cocktail or drink bar that would make and serve alcoholic drinks on the spot.


The entertainment – make it last

When we hear the word festival, the first thing that comes up on our minds is the music. For your festival style wedding, you should definitely get a band that would play any kind of live music. Whether is it rock, blues, funk or jazz, live music will absolutely spruce up the entire wedding. And for an even more authentic festival venue, set up your guest and the band in funky tents or teepees. They come in various sizes, so you can place the tables and chairs there and not worry if there is a slight change in the weather.


Be original

We attend a festival in order to, first of all, have fun and then make long-lasting memories. You should implement the same at your wedding by, for instance, get a stunning floral photo booth backdrop where you could all take genuine pictures and create lasting memories. With a ravishing backdrop, you would surely make your festivity even more remarkable. Another original thing that you could do is make and send chic wedding invites. Don’t go with the traditional invite but go for a more shabby and rustic look with a wording like “be ready for a blast” or “let’s take the plunge together”.


To dress up or not to dress up

Okay, so you’ve picked the venue and the food, but the question remains – what about the classical wedding dress code? Well, forget about it! Festivals are all about the freedom and running wild (not literally). So, high heels, sophisticated and classy outfits for the guests are out of the question. As a bride, you should consider wearing a light, boho styled wedding dress that is comfortable to wear. As for the groom, he should choose a laid-back linen suit. Make sure that you give your guest an info about what to wear, but the point is for everyone to wear something comfy because they will be outdoors dancing all day and the last thing you want is for them to feel overburden.


Crisp and cushy accessories

When it comes to wedding décor, we immediately think about lush flower centerpieces and expensive lighting and ornaments. Festival décor should aim for everything but that. Put paper lanterns that can come in different colors, or place tender dahlias in wicker hampers as your centerpiece. You can also make your bouquet with wild summer flowers and have your bridesmaids wear similar flowers as a headband. Or you can go even more devising and unconventional and make your own “chill out” area, as many festivals have. Just place some colorful floor cushions or hay bales covered with decorative blankets.


End in style

Next to the essential wedding cake, why not end the perfect day in festival style, that is with a blast! Literary this time! Buy some shiny sparkles or glow sticks that your guest will light up as the night falls or as a fun exit. Or as a perfect finish, have everyone light up and release to the sky a floating sky paper lanterns, or even better light some fireworks as they do at the end of the festival.


Whatever you may decide to do, just bear in mind that festivals delve for ingenuity and relaxation. Add great music, exotic food, and good weather, and you will have a wedding to remember for eternity.

Content written by Jasmine Anderson

Images by unspash.com