We got invited to sample the delights of the new menu at Grill in the Park at the Worsley Marriott in exchange for a food review. I really didn’t know what to expect but I was super excited to be on a date night with the hubs (as the night after this feast would be our camping weekend where I knew our food would be limited to a buffet style menu of crisp and burgers!)

We got there within plenty of time and chilled out listening to a Caribbean band play the steel drums outside #holidayvibes


Image Grill in the Park


We were escorted to our seats in the private room and were sat with some fellow bloggers and was introduced to our waiter for the evening. The private room we were going to be eating in would be suitable for an intimate meal for the meeting of two families or a small hen party. Entertainment was in the form of local singer Jack Woodward who provided some cool unobtrusive tunes, and I actually think it added a really nice touch to the evening, you always need a bit of background music especially playing songs you know.


The evening kicked off with Adam the resident cocktail expert making a few Cocktails & Mocktails, before we dived into the food for the evening.

The two cocktails of choice were ;

Mojito & Cosmopolitan


Image Grill in the Park

We were told about the art of making the cocktail and then shown how to make them. I got the chance to try my hand at recreating the Mojito and it tasted pretty nice and was a lot of  fun, I quite enjoyed myself. I could see a party of hen’s doing this as a bit of a pre hen doo livener before the main shindig, I mean who has only one hen party these days anyway?

See me in action in my little video

We drank soft drinks (the designated driver of course!), A glass of rose and my Mojito of course  ( that’ll be moi )

Here is the full menu which offers at least six vegetarian main menu options which I thought was pretty good.

We ate for starters;

with a Lancashire black bomb cheese fondue at£9.50. Not too much just a nice sized portion they were both really tasty and light perfect for the first course .

Manchester food review

For the main course I ate the SIZZILING CAJUN SPICED FAJITAS WITH ADDED GRILLED CHICKEN for £15.00 and boy these were super tasty. I have not had fajitas for ages and these were really really nice, they were accompanied with two wraps and there was more than enough to eat for one. I could actually share this if I brought my son with me and added a few sides we would definitely be satisfied.

Manchester food review

The hubster had a proper man meat feast of a FULL RACK AND HALF DOZEN CHICKEN WINGS at £19.00
served with  Bourbon BBQ sauce, slaw, sweet potato fries which were delicious. I would not have been able to eat it all as you get a good sized portion but they did not defeat the husband who finished it off finger lickin stylee.

Manchester food review


To finish we ate for dessert a LEMON PANNA COTTA at £5.50 served with roasted rhubarb, toasted meringue and a cheese plate called LENGTH OF LANCASHIRE AND CHESHIRE (v) at  £8.00 you got delivered a platter with Garstang blue, Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire, Appleby’s Cheshire white Chutney, fruit bread and crackers.

We were a bit full at this point but not one to let it go we managed to devour the lot. I have had a cheese platter before and I felt you do get good value for money with this one. A good amount of crackers to cheese ratio I give it an 8/10

Manchester food review


Overall we felt we had a really nice meal and would come back again without a shadow of a doubt. The service is fantastic, the food is really good value for money and the setting is perfect. I wholeheartedly recommend this for a pre/post wedding get together or just a night out for a couple or family as they cater for all.

Contact details are as follows;


Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club
Worsley Park
M28 2QT
United Kingdom

Price per head £32.50  for 3 courses

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(We did not get paid for the post but we did receive complimentary food in exchange for a non biased food review. All images and opinions are my own unless stated.)