Rethink Flowers……..

Faux blooms or real cut flowers make a beautiful addition to the overall look and styling of your wedding outfit. Bringing personality and life to the overall look wear a crown or headband of colourful posies or tuck a blossom behind your ear..

Yes you can buy one from the high St but I think that if you want quality and something bespoke its always best to go for a handmade one for not much more cost.


Headband from The accessory boutique.


Flower clip from Ophelia May

Now at Bridal Chic we are in the know of some fantastic small businesses who specialise in these beauties. So here are our recommended links of people who I have worked with and can vouch for their talent and skill. Other ideas of floral love would be to attach overblown buds to shoes,gloves or  your dress.

(both showcasing at wedding fayre this 5/10/14 )

There are also lots of good ideas from if your feeling particularly crafty.

Flower Power People ……………….





All the above images are from Brides Magazine