Mom’s homemade apple pie—how can you refuse? Of course you have to take a slice or two! And you’re at a family dinner already, it’s kind of rude not to eat, isn’t it? And then there are all those parties and perhaps a little too much wine at each of them, but you’re in a good mood, of course you’ll pour another glass. So many feasts, so many heaps of candy, so much booze, and it’s difficult to say no to any of it. But if your waistline is to survive the festive season and let you still get into your wedding dress once the New Year passes, it’s important to keep healthy eating in mind at least a little bit.

Want to learn a few tricks that will help you survive the abundance of delicious food and stay super fit? Then take a look at our suggestions!

Stock your house with nothing but healthy food

If you know you’ve been invited to a dozen of gatherings and that you’re likely to find nothing but fatty food there, make sure that the meals you eat in your own house are super healthy. Go to the grocery store and buy a lot of leafy greens and other veggies that you can prep into delicious salads, and make sure to also get avocados, canned tuna fish, and whole grain toast. Organic peanut butter is also a really nice breakfast option, and so is oatmeal, especially if you sprinkle it with berries or chopped bananas. If you are the one who’s organizing the gathering, then the power is in your hands—simply make sure there are healthier options at the table and plan what you’re going to eat in advance.

Eat a small snack before the gathering

Don’t starve yourself all day in the attempt to save your calorie budget for the feast. Eat a nice, healthy breakfast, and then eat a light snack just before you’re about to head out. A cup of baby carrots and an apple will make you feel full and less likely to wolf down too much food because you’re so starved.

Keep your energy levels high

Heavy food usually makes us feel sluggish and tired, and it can make it even more difficult to motivate yourself to get off your bum and do your regular workout. To help you stay more alert, try to at least get enough sleep each night, limit your tobacco use, and drink more green tea that will speed up your metabolism. You should also stock up on coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). It’s an antioxidant that creates cellular energy, and taking CoQ10 supplements could help protect your heart and your blood vessels from all that fatty food.

Another thing you should consider is limiting your caffeine intake—while it can shake you awake and keep you sharp in the morning, taking it after 2 p.m. can lead to insomnia and the worsening of your sleep cycle.

Fill your plate with veggies first

Don’t dive in straight for the turkey and the roast potatoes. Putting veggies first actually goes a long way in helping us control our portions. Make sure that at least 50% of the plate is filled with veggies, and after that you can add other things. Also, don’t let your hungry eyes overfill the plate—eat small portions, and if you’re still hungry after finishing them, you can add more.

Be wary of cocktails

Cocktails are really delicious, but some of them are extremely high in calories, with an average Cosmo coming up to 218 calories per glass. More than one glass, and it’s already as many calories as a plain meal. Be careful what you drink, and try not to go overboard. If you need an idea, a vodka seltzer with a squeeze of lime is a good example of a low-calorie option.

Remember your weak spots

Maybe you can never resist your grandma’s pecan pie, or maybe you’re a sucker for eggnog. Know what your weaknesses are, but rather than trying to avoid them completely, allow yourself to eat a small portion. It will satisfy your craving and prevent you from staring at your favorite dish all night until you end up giving in and eating way too much.

Don’t socialize near food

It’s really easy to overeat when you’re not paying attention to what’s on your plate. Of course, family dinners will mean people socializing while they eat and that’s fine, but once everyone gets up and moves to the living room, try not to linger around snacks as you catch up with your cousins or hang out with your friends.

Play with the kids

You’re bound to be surrounded by your nieces and nephews during the holidays, so why not go out into the snow and chase around with them? Help them build a snowman, pull them around on the sled, and enter a snowball fight—simply have fun, bond with the little ones, and burn a lot of calories in the process!

Holiday food doesn’t have to be your downfall! Simply follow these tips, plan a bit in advance, and you can still manage to have healthy meals and keep your body trim even as you celebrate.

Content written by Sophia Smith