I’m a bit obsessed with the Birdcage veil at the moment so to I thought I would share the Love…

A brief bit of history I found on the web:

In the post-wear years of the 1940s, small, birdcage veils became popular and were designed to frame the face.

Vintage birdcage veils are made from several different netting choices, from Russian net (Russian veiling), French net (French veiling, which is softer in texture than Russian), vintage silk veiling, fishnet, tulle, or illusion veiling materials, in addition to English net and merry widow veiling. Most cage veils feature a classic diamond-shaped netting (Russian or French net), with or without adornments such as chenille dots or crystal accents. Depending on the style of netting used to make your net veil, the impact can be quite understated and elegant, or very bold.

( http://www.vintagebirdcageveils.com/ )

Throwback image


Fast forward 21st century bride…


Cue floral chic lushness…..


Lastly celebrity crushness…..



So do you want to make one now?????
If no “I’ll just a me a bespoke one” check out this designer http://www.tulleandcandyfloss.co.uk/


If yes proceed to instructions below to make your very own Birdcage Veil.
Go you crafty bride……


DIY Birdcage Veil:
You will need:
Kraft paper
Russian Veiling or Netting
Needle and Thread
Side Comb
1.5″ ribbon of your choice.

1. Cut the kraft paper to 24 x 12 inches. Measure up 5 inches end to end and cut corners at roughly 45 degree angle, the longest side becomes the bottom of the veil.

2. Lay the fabric over the template and cut out. Follow the natural line of the netting’s design to ensure an attractive edge.

3.Run a needle and thread through the top edge of the veil with a simple basting stitch gathering the material and sewing it to the comb.

4.Glue a tuxedo bow to the combso it covers the area where the mesh was sewn ( how to on you tube )

5.To make it your own, dye the mesh, or add flowers , glue on a brooch, decorate with crystals, get your creative juice buds flowing.


Ta Dah………… your very own birdcage veil.
Watch video here…. at Martha Stewart

Hope you enjoyed this bit of r’n’r….

Bridal Chic xxx