We got asked to come along to the craft ale tasting event at The Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club for the  launch of the new The Brew Bar Lounge, a new bar concept bringing a new range of craft ales, ciders and lagers from around the world for guests to enjoy in the leafy and relaxed setting of the flagship Marriott property in Worsley.

I had not been to a beer tasting session before and in all honesty I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew I really wanted to experience this.  Straight away my instinct said this will be a groom inspired post, but after some reflection I decided to see how as a couple you could enjoy the session, cue a cheeky date night with the husband. I am happy to report I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed the evening and could totally see how this would appeal to the bride and groom or alternatively as a pre / post stag get together.

We were met by Mark Haywood of Sway Communications whom organised the event and his colleague Karen whom were very friendly and went through the evenings itinerary with the both of us. The tables were set with small glasses next to a selection of beers, ciders and lagers which were arranged in the ice bucket.  Mark explained that nine of the newly introduced beverages would be tasted and paired with dishes from the menu. We instantly thought how good an evening this would be for the groom to select his wedding day brew of choice.

The Experience:

The evening kicked off with a brief history about ale and where it originated from and then a short quiz to see actually how much we knew, the answer = not a lot!

Did you know ….

  • Craft Beer taking the lead as draught beer sales down by 35million pints (July – Sept 2017 vs 2016)
  • To be classed a “Craft Brewer” you must produce under 6,000,000 barrels of beer or less annually!
  • Indian Pale Ale was created in…England!! fact

We were introduced to Goose Island Honkers Ale which was paired with the mini steak pies – The rich malt middle paired perfectly with the richness of the steak & gravy in the pies & complimented the traditional English pub theme.

We rated this 8/10 due to the caramel notes and its malty taste.

Next up was Brewdog Vagabond paired perfectly with a Pana Cotta as both are gluten free and both feature a light, caramel base. The brew had a hint of citrus and was light to the taste.

We rated this 6/10 – we all agreed this was the Marmite one of the bunch that you either liked or didn’t.

We then went on to try the  Harviestoun Broken Dial. This ale was paired with the Chorizo &  Prawn Skewers, the Peppery spices of the Broken Dial match the spices of the chorizo, enhancing the taste.

We rated 7/10 – it was dark with a malty dry texture, I personally thought it was quite a manly beer so no shocker to find out the husband liked it.

A real highlight was this Mancunian made ale the Seven Bro7hers IPA in a can. Out of all them this was one of the nicest to drink and it was lovely to see a local brew on show. It reminded me of the first beer you would have ever tried, the Seven Bro7hers brew is used in the beer batter for the fish so naturally makes the perfect accompaniment for the fish & chips making for a light, fluffy batter. Note the branding is on point!!

We rated this 8/10 for its light citrus tones. This was the one the men said they would carry on drinking throughout the evening.

Now it was time for the craft ciders – A personal fav! but first a few facts;

  • The UK is the home to cider production.
  • There are 500 cider producers in UK.
  • The UK drinks the most Cider in the world.

The UK’s first canned cider produced with genuine craft credentials is the CAPLE RD. Pulled pork mini sliders & mini burgers were served up with this liquid delight and the apple paired well with the pork so this made CAPLE RD a naturally ideal accompaniment!

We rated this 7/10 – It’s a slowly fermented fresh pressed English apple juice so no concentrate here!!!

The Sxollie Cider was amazing, a real tasty cider.  A real taste of apples with this cider, sweet and quenching this was a hit with the ladies more than the men who thought it to be too sweet. It balanced with the richness of canapes of Severn & Wyre Smoked Salmon and counteracted with the bitterness of the pickled soft cheese.

We rated this 8/10 – wow, wow, wow

Craft Lager trivia;

  • Usually small scale production
  • Focuses on taste and quality rather than churning large quantities out!
  • Can still apply to large companies but only if they use traditional brewing methods!
  • Usually a pilsner lager which is a type of Pale Lager
  • Traditionally Rich, full bodied and highly carbonated

Lastly we tasted the INEDIT DAMM lager. The smell is lightly spiced with a hint of lemon peel & banana which also comes across in the taste. This would pair very nicely with fish and chips which is also battered in this brew.

We rated this 7/10 due to the citrus element and lightness of the lager. On a side note the branding on the bottle is also pretty cool.

The grand finale was what I would describe as a Gentleman’s cocktail, made with Whisky and the Marriotts own brand of beer its mixed with angosture bitters, sugar and lemon. My husband Neil really enjoyed the cocktail, however it wasn’t really for me, just a tad too strong!!

About the Brew Bar. 

Derek Harvey, General Manager of the Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club said “ The new Brew Bar Lounge concept brings something new to the hotel that we haven’t delivered before through a new range of craft drinks, all delivered by our passionate experts. It’s been great to select brews from Manchester to our US heritage with breweries such as Salford’s seven brothers, to Goose Honkers Ale from Chicago in the United States.”

Now open to the public the new Brew Bar Lounge concept offers guests the chance to sample a wide range of craft beers as well as wines, champagne, liqueurs and select spirits. In addition added to the menu is a range of new cocktails including the playful and perfectly crafted Auch and Ale cocktail. This creation captures the new bar concept perfectly, with the inclusion of Auchentoshan single malt, Cast Iron Ale from Harviestoun brewery, lemon juice, bitters and quince jelly.

The new food menu also launched with the new concept includes sublime yet streamlined breakfast options, quick snacks, sharer plates, salads and substantial bar classics with a contemporary twist like the Mangalore chicken.

Derek Harvey adds, “The new concept has created a relaxed and welcoming space, with knowledgeable bar staff on hand to help customers find a drink to suit all celebrations and occasions.”

Worsley Park’s facilities are regarded as some of the best in the region with 158 bedrooms including five suites, nine meeting and function rooms, three restaurants and bars, championship golf course and spa. The hotel and golf facilities are nestled amongst an idyllic leafy setting, just seconds away from direct transport links into Manchester and the surrounding area.

For more information on Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club, visit www.marriott.co.uk

All opinions are my own and we were not paid for this blog. Thank you to all the staff whom were brilliant and knowledgeable about the product there was real sense of pride working for the Marriott and between them all made this evening fantastic.