Well, I originally wanted to call this post “The Bride who wore Birkenstocks”  because that’s how it ended up. Luckily Charlotte is about 6ft tall and carried off these stunning dresses perfectly barefoot. We don’t let these things phase us here at Bridal Chic…lol

The Location

The Northern Quarter is the centre of alternative and bohemian culture re generated in the 90’s. By day it’s a mecca of cafes, shopping and culture, by night its home to some cool trendy bars. I really wanted to showcase two different styles on this shoot giving it a slightly New York-esque vibe…. where to start?

The Theme

Our theme was city wedding chic, as ever I try to get inspired by Pinterest but sometime it’s just all in my head (says with load of confidence..lol). I always have an idea of what I want to achieve and I love to try out something new. I think it pays to work with a photographer who has a feel for the brand.
Here is what I started with putting together my mood board…..


The Venue

I drive past Infamous Diner every time I am in town, and when this new diner opened I knew I had to get some images in here. Even my four year old has told his dad he is having his lunch here, I guess that’s us told ! Billed as “Manchester’s first American diner, serving up classic, homemade eats the USA way – big on flavour, big plates and service with a smile”. We devoured a strawberry milkshake and it was “high to the five shamazing”  🙂 The staff were brilliant allowing us to steal a few shots creating us some uptown wedding funk…. see what you think.
Here the Groom wears Reiss and the Bride wears Lucille by Eliza Jane Howell





We based our shoot in and around Bluu Bar and Restaurant on Thomas st, NQ. They were great hosts and we couldn’t be more grateful to the way they allowed us to have free reign to shoot images. This cool bar adorned with the miss match seating, tin tiles and on trend copper lighting, it is an interior designer’s dream. The exposed brickwork and neon lighting give it the urban chic that we, at Bridal Chic totally relate to as a brand.
Here the Groom wear Hugo Boss and the Bride wears Edith by Maria Senvo.



I loved the bar image I definitely wanted to put my twist on this one but I also wanted to put a spin on the Sex in the City opening scene where Carrie wears her tulle skirt and pink bodysuit, I think you’ll agree this image has city bride written all over it. We had so many congrats the bride & groom were even offered a free meal from the hidden gem This and That,  known as the best curry house in the NQ, cheers guys 😉

Dan H

-27The Bride wears Bardot by Stephanie Allin

All in all we wanted to create some scenes, in and around the city that anyone can recreate. It just shows that if you think outside the box the simplest of backdrops can look SUPER WOW.
My own personal top tips would be:

  • When the venue has been chosen research the type of wedding photos you would want to replicate and put your stamp on it by starting a Pinterest board
  • Go and have a good look round the venue on your own, as a couple, with the photographer. If you can list where you want to have your photos taken. 

The Details

Headpieces were provided by Satyrion, this beautiful handmade birdcage veil did absolute justice to the dresses. Alongside this worked Nicola, our MUA, fulfilling the brief of natural make up and red lips in the diner changing to a deep red-pink lip in Bluu. It took both looks to a different level. The flower were courtesy of Bloomin Lovely based in Lees, Oldham (prices on request).
**Shhhhh of the day we had no hairdresser so we had to do that ourselves!! I think we did an OK job (silent high fives Nicola xx )**
Behold the beauty that is Charlotte……




The Groom

Another little shoot secret. Liam the male model is also a stylist, so and therefore styled his own outfits. We think he did an awesome job and totally has a creative flair to his repertoire. Prepare to be schmoozed…..




 Team Chic

I want to finish by bigging up Team Chic who quiet frankly couldn’t have made this shoot any more perfect :

Dan Hough – Photography

Nicola Joanne – MUA

Liam Concannon & Charlotte Pemberton – Models

Isla Jean Bridal  – Dresses

Flowers by Bloomin Lovely in Lees

Satyrion Headpieces.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this city bride blog, and if you do holla in the comments box below….