From the elegant simplicity of Old Hollywood fashion, to the opulent interiors and decor, the golden age of Hollywood was truly the most glamorous and sophisticated time, so it’s no wonder brides want to carry out their wedding in the same manner. If you are one of those brides-to-be lusting after such an extravagant celebration, fret not. Just let the golden age of Hollywood guide your style and follow these helpful tips in order to throw the most glamorous Old Hollywood inspired wedding:

Alluringly elegant era-inspired wedding dresses

Hollywood glam style is feminine, polished and luxurious, dominated by lush fabrics and curve-accentuating silhouettes. Opt for materials like silk, satin and charmeuse, which drape beautifully and show off your curves in the most flattering ways. Don’t forget to choose a wedding dress cinched right at the waist, in order to achieve that luscious hourglass figure. Consider going for dresses with draped shawl necklines, cowl necks, or even a modest high neck fit reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look. Sultry low back cuts also tend to ooze sophistication and class of Old Hollywood glamour. Charleston inspired wedding dresses draped with strands of luxurious pearls create a sexy, yet sophisticated Hollywood glam wedding style.

There is also always an option of paying homage to Marilyn Monroe, one of the most glamorous Hollywood stars of all, by opting for sleek halter top designs that hug your curves in all the right places. Pay attention to specific elements of design, such as soft ruffles and delicate lace appliqué, which make beautiful feminine accents, while intricate beading and embellished detailing truly embody the glamorous spirit of the golden age of Hollywood.

Sophisticated details that tie the whole look together

A beautiful wedding dress alone is not enough to truly embody the glamorous Old Hollywood look. Instead of choosing a traditional veil, go for a feathered headpiece reminiscent of a 20s flapper girl, romantic vintage birdcages, retro wide headbands or glamorous crystal headpieces that exude Old Hollywood sophistication. Of course, no Hollywood glam look would be complete without a beautiful saltwater pearl necklace that perfectly defines the immaculate style of this fabulous era. Let this necklace be your statement accessory and keep the rest of your jewelry minimalistic, so you don’t distract the eye from this sophisticated piece.

Think about incorporating elegant evening gloves into your retro glam look and remember to finish the whole outfit off with mesmerizing bedazzled chandelier heels. Don’t forget that the choice of hair and makeup is just as important for your Hollywood glam look as the right accessories. While a classic, elegant bun is always a safe bet, remember that even the most poised lady lets her hair down from time to time, so you can never go wrong with beautiful retro waves when striving for a Hollywood glam look. Keep your complexion flawless, with only light highlights and contours. Go for a soft cat eye and top the look off with an iconic red lipstick, the perfect embodiment of the sophisticated golden age of Hollywood.

Opulent venues and intricate decor details

The Old Hollywood era is reminiscent of unadulterated elegance, and your wedding reception should be no different. Take inspiration from this spectacular age and opt for a luxurious resident-style venue, such as an opulent mansion rich in history and culture. As homage to the golden age, begin planning your wedding theme around a black and white colour palette. If you want to go all out, add some statement-making details in the form of velvet fabrics and rich red tones. If a subtler glam is your forte, you can choose to add elegant touches of gold or silver accents. Chandeliers, crystals and dripping diamonds will exude splendour at your reception.

Luxurious fabrics and feathers are also great decorative details completely appropriate for an Old Hollywood inspired wedding. Soft white carnations and decadent roses make for beautiful centrepieces, while Art Deco style wedding menus tie the whole Great Gatsby theme together. A great final touch to a Hollywood glam wedding would be to have your guests arrive to the reception in a classic vintage car and have pictures taken by a flashbulb photographer while they walk the red carpet to the inside of the venue.

Content written by Sophia Smith.