In addition to nailing that Mediterranean sass by which many Italian and Spanish ladies are known for, and mastering the art of pure radiance Scandinavian girls are renowned, there’s another group of gals we can learn so much from – the ladies from Down Under! Their sun-kissed look paired with their effortless elegance is the latest craving among bridal ranks, and we have compiled a few top secrets you can incorporate into your own wedding-day prepping routine.

Love your oils

Living on a continent known for their arid, sizzling summers and almost non-stop exposure to sun, it makes perfect sense that maintaining a radiant, line-free look takes a bit of extra effort when it comes to moisturizing. These ladies know that their skin can handle hot temperatures and still remain flexible and youthful only with a dab of the right, skin-friendly oil!

Now, your skin may be different, but you can certainly find a type that will work wonders not just for your wedding complexion, but for the radiance of your entire body. Smooth and silky is achieved with a touch of coconut oil, and your scalp will also appreciate it while keeping pimples away is much simpler with a droplet or two or tea-tree oil. Jojoba oil is another great choice, so look into your options and start slathering in the weeks before the big day. If you want to steal an authentic Aussie oil tip, then look no further than Cate Blanchett’s own beloved emu oil.

Sea salt in the bathtub

If you live in a coastal city, good for you, your job is half-done with access to those frisky waves! Aussie ladies know that nothing beats a natural exfoliant, so they tend to spend their weeks before the wedding swimming in the ocean and even making the most of their fine-grained sand. It gives a wonderful massage to your feet and rubs off the hard skin, while your pores will remain clean and dirt-free.

However, with no access to the sea, you can make your own exfoliating bath with the help of natural sea salts. Since your skin is not entirely used to the texture and it’s not regularly exposed, make sure you don’t overdo it, and keep your complexion in check with milder exfoliants and regular hydration.

Keep your skin sun-safe

Trust me, there is no excuse good enough for you to avoid sunscreen and general sun protection for your skin. You may live in a cold area or spend most of the time indoors, your skin can still feel the “burn”, so to speak, and this is one of those rare skincare areas where a little truly goes a long way in helping your skin stay safe. No one knows it better than a nation of stunning women who spend most of their lives exposed to extremely high temperatures and constant sunshine.

There are all-natural sunscreens available, depending on which ones your skin prefers, and wearing sunglasses, hats, and protective fitness gear when you exercise outdoor all play a role in the process. Even a dab of sun-protective lip balm can give help your lips stay perky for the big day.

Bronze up your skin

Their impeccable tan is somewhat of a signature look that the rest of us can only dream of during the cold months. However, there is so much you can do that will do significantly less damage to your skin than actual sun exposure, and still, give you a tanned bridal look for that once-in-a-lifetime event.

Some of the simplest, skin-friendly ways to achieve the best fake tan is with the help of the right tanning products such as natural tan lotions that allow you to control the shade you’d like to get or just a dab of the right bronzer on your cheeks. Since even Aussie women are known to escape the sun, yet still wish to have the lovely bronzed look, they indulge in these tanning items as well for best effect and safety!

Go natural

They have mastered the art of the beachy waves even outside the Bondi and Coogee region, and they have the shiniest locks one could possibly wish for. How on Earth do they manage to preserve the silky glow without drying their pretty strands in the sun? Well, it seems that they pamper their hair with UV-protective items as much as they do their skin, but they also know a few handy tricks to keep their curls healthy and vibrant.

Instead of using too many styling tools that dry out your hair, you can try a nourishing treatment that your hair soaks in for several hours, and to no surprise, many of them contain various oils! Pamper your locks in the months prior to the big day and let them restore their glow in order to steal the wedding spotlight.

Content written by Sophia Smith