Save Big Bucks with 6 Money Saving Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas

Without any doubt, weddings are wonderful celebration, even without the decorations and bling. Most of the brides wish to decorate their wedding and reception venues beautifully. With the right wedding venue decoration ideas, a couple can have an elegant and stylish celebration without breaking the budget. A little creative thinking and discount shopping will help to keep your wedding floral and decoration budget in line. And your guests will feel as if they have attended a lavish event. will also help you to decorate your wedding venue in your predefined budget.

Prior to decorating your wedding venue, the style of your wedding place, your wedding theme, and color scheme are such things which you have to be considered. However your celebration is, big or small, your styling budget works rather than against your wedding venue. Floral decoration on your wedding and your wedding cake needs to look perfect, and this should always be your stylish starting point.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money on fun, elegant, and dazzling decor. Here, I have written some inspirational ideas for decorating your wedding venue, while sticking to your budget.


  1. Choose a naturally beautiful place as your wedding venue

 If you are a big fan of outdoor weddings then it very easy to stick to your predefined budget. This is because outdoor gardens, beaches, or mountains are naturally decorated for you. For example, if you choose a farm as your wedding venue, throw down some beautifully decorated hay bales for seating and you have got a rustic, but romantic aisle to walk down. On the other hand, if you’re getting married at the time of the spring season, then a garden wedding is the perfect choice for you to stick to your budget. This is because at the time of the spring, all the flowers in the garden are in full bloom.

  1. Light it up

Usually, candles are a lot cheaper than floral arrangements. Use flower flavoured floating candles in bowls and place them on the altar, to line the aisle, and use in place of floral centerpieces. In addition, light up your evening is to use as colorful luminaries, torches, and lanterns. There’s nothing more romantic than a dim room lit only by the glow of hundreds of candles.

wedding venue decoration


  1. Decorate with Tulle and Feathers

 To decorate your wedding location by using colorful or white tulle and feathers, there are many fun things that you can do. Create a canopy effect with the tulle, hang some of them from the center of the ceiling and then drape it down to the corners of the altar. To complement the colorful or white tulle canopy, use tulle to make bows to put in the pews or rows of chairs.

Feathers are also a big trend in wedding decor. Buy them in bulk and create large feather wreaths to hang on the walls or at the place of entrance or add them to centerpieces of flowers for an elegant look. 

  1. Thrown down some flower petals

If you love roses, you can throw down some rose petals along the aisle. As compared to actual flower arrangements, buying flower petals are very inexpensive. So, if you want to use flowers, but don’t want to spend extra money, this one is a great way to add them to the decoration of your wedding ceremony.

  1. Use white Christmas lights

If you are getting married in the evening time and you choose a garden as your wedding venue then white or colored Christmas lights is one the best options. Most of the people use Christmas lights to wrap around the trees along the aisle as a simple and elegant decoration. They can be hung from the ceiling, around the tables, or in potted plants. These lights can make a beautiful addition to any wedding venue.

  1. Use satin ribbons for chairs

In some cities, seat covers can be very expensive to rent and a lot of work is needed in most of the seats to create beautiful looks. Instead of using expensive seat covers, it’s a great idea to use some beautiful wide satin ribbons to tie at the back of the chairs. This will surely add some elegance and spruce things.

wedding venue decoration

Content written by Daniel Clarke

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