Winter is a magical time of the year, especially around the holidays, so it’s no wonder why some couples choose this period to get married. Winter wedding receptions are truly unique, allowing you to have original ideas that won’t work at any other time of the year. If you have decided to have a winter wedding, here’s how you can make it memorable:

1. Frozen flowers

This won’t be so cool at some other time of the year, but having frozen flower arrangements at your wedding reception will make it truly outstanding. You can also choose to keep the champagne in frozen floral ice buckets or to have an ice sculpture decorated with frozen flowers placed as a focal point.

2. Reindeer sleigh

Northern countries where reindeer are easy to be found are famous for reindeer sleighs, which are frequently used for weddings. Instead of a carriage or a car why not sit on a sleigh pulled by reindeer? It’s an ultimate fairytale reminiscent of Santa Claus!

3. Faux fur

Using faux fur for draping over the dining chairs will really accent the cold season. It will instantly bring out the feeling of cozy winter in your guests. You can also use this fabric to make little blankets that you can give to the guests as favors.

4. Get your own ice rink

An ice rink definitely screams “winter”, so why not have it at your wedding party? Of course, you need to find a venue big enough to pull this through but it will be worth the trouble – it will be a guarantee for a unique and memorable wedding. Alternatively, you can find a real ice rink in the city to make great photos and to give your guests at least half an hour of winter fun.

5. A place for childhood sweets

Remember how you enjoyed hot chocolate, marshmallows and candy canes when you were a kid? Well, you could remind your guests of their childhood winter memories if you choose a place in the venue where you will put all these sweets, together with cinnamon stirrers and whipped cream, and spice it up with peppermint schnapps or Bailey’s.

6. Glass cloche

Glass cloche is always an elegant idea, especially if it’s calligraphed with your and your spouse’s name. Put a mini Christmas tree under it and place it at the head table – it will be a delightful decoration.

7. Eggnog

Why should you have your toast with champagne? Make it an original toast by having every guest get a frothy eggnog cocktail which they can drink up when the toast is over.

8. Match classic and tradition

Winter is all about holidays, and holidays are all about tradition. Tradition, on the other hand, is related to classic and ever-lasting customs and things. So, consider adding a classic feature to your wedding. Newlyweds in Australia enjoy using classic items and details for their wedding reception, but also bigger stuff like wedding cars from the 20s and 30s era. The popularity of classic wedding cars in Sydney and other Australian cities is constantly growing, as people enjoy transporting themselves in the past times when everything was elegant and magical. Why shouldn’t you have it, too?

9. Marble wedding cake

Marble is commonly related to the winter season for its cold and elegant appearance. Having a wedding cake reminiscent of marble will add to the wintery atmosphere. A silver and gold combination is just what you need for your wedding cake to get an elegant touch.

10. Pine boutonnieres

Boutonnieres can have a wintery feature if you make them out of holly, hemlock, berries and boxwood. It will boost up you and your spouse’s look and add a touch of Christmas to your outfit.

11. Fireworks magic

We all know that the New Year’s Eve is not complete without stunning fireworks, so why not bring that festive feeling to your wedding reception? Make a perfect ending to the whole night with a bit of firework.

All in all

Winter wedding receptions are unique because the scenery is much different than what we all are used to when it comes to weddings. Still, the low temperatures and cloudy days don’t have to be an obstacle to have a truly special wedding. These winter wedding ideas will really make your wedding one of a kind.