10 reasons why Manchester and surrounding areas are the greatest places to get married.
(and an extra one reason for good measure!)
We do things differently round here” – Tony Wilson
Yes we do, even those not native to these shores get a bit Manc once they’re here. Karl Marx met Friedrich Engels at Chethams Library and together wrote The Communist Manifesto. How bloody romantic.

Chetham's school of music
(Kenny Brown Photography)

Barging out the way.
Manchester was the world’s first industrial city and to get the cotton to the factories, the Manchester Ship Canal was built to bypass the tolls placed on the ships in Liverpool. You can celebrate your hen do by hiring out a barge and starting your party on the famous canal ways of Manchester and toast Cottonopolis.

(Nina Pang Photography)

What’s in a name?
When Julian Shaw and Jenny Crompton decided to get married in 2013. The couple decided to contact Manchester’s Metrolink to ask if they could use a picture of the station sign of Shaw and Crompton for their wedding invitations. Metrolink went one better and offered the couple the chance to ride the tram from the registry office to the reception with their guests while playing a special announcement over the public address system. Head of Metrolink’s customer service even presented Jenny with a bouquet.

The couple have chosen to use the surname Shaw-Crompton as opposed to Shaw and Crompton, the Mertolink station on the Ashton to Rochdale line.

Order!!! Order!!!
Manchester Town Hall has been used in many film including Sherlock Holmes with Jude Law as the building is felt to be so close in design to the Houses of Parliament. Packages cost up to £7,000 to hold your big day in in town hall but when you look at your surroundings, it’s easy to see why.

DSC_6052 vintage small

Shut Your Cake Hole.
Has any other city got a bakery like Slattery’s? I don’t know I haven’t done any research. What I do know is that Slattery’s is on 3 floors and has a wedding cake showroom with over 40 cakes on display.

This cake superstore houses a beautiful dinning room and hosts training courses to the public. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Maybe not if you’re diabetic.

Kenny Brown Photography)

A Premier Venue.
Looking for somewhere to hold your wedding? Well Manchester has two Premier Stadiums. The Etihad Stadium, a category 4 stadium is home to the blue half of Manchester’s football fans and Old Trafford, an elite category 5 stadium that needs no introduction at all as being one of the most famous club stadiums in the world and home to Manchester United.

The pitter patter of tiny….. keys.
The world first modern computer was built right here in Manchester and named “Baby” Built at the University of Manchester using the technology for WWII communications equipment, Baby ran the world’s first stored program in June 1948. There’ll be an app for that now.


Vicar In A Tutu

I was minding my business
Lifting some lead off
The roof of the Holy Name church
It was worthwhile living a laughable life
Just to set my eyes on a blistering sight
Of a vicar in a tutu

Name another song by such an influential band as The Smiths that features a wedding venue? No me neither. The Holy Name Church is on Oxford Road near the Royal Infirmary.

smiths 1

You havin’ a duck do? Duck do? What’s a duck do? Quack quack!!
Manchester has over 500 licensed premisses. Shouldn’t be hard to find somewhere to hold your do.

Keep Rollin’!

How are you going to get to the wedding on time?

How about in a Rolls Royce?

Henry Rolls was introduced to Charles Royce on May 4th 1904 at the Midland Hotel. Imagine rolling up to your own wedding in a Rolls Royce and getting married where the two met?

rolls royce
(White Rolls Royce Wedding Car)

Wedding with a bang!!!
Everyone likes a party and everyone likes fireworks but did you know that The Gun Powder Plot was actually hatched at Salford’s Ordsall Hall. Bangin’!!!

firwork heart

This blog post was written by my mate and all time fav Manc lad Andy Brown – Social Media Marketing …..#toplad