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When you picture a dream wedding scenario, a hot and dreamy summer’s day might instantly spring to mind. However, today we’re embracing all things winter! We think a winter wedding is a really great option and something that couples should definitely consider when planning their big day. Buck the trend and choose something uniquely special for your wedding.

Embrace the festive spirit

A winter wedding gives the opportunity to really embrace the festive spirit with the decoration and design. Think roaring fires, sparkling decorations and the perfect cosy atmosphere. Winter weddings can be truly beautiful and very romantic. Plus, lots of wedding caterers offer festive food options for your special day – these are perfect if you and your guests are fans of warming and delicious comfort food, rather than cold buffets.

Experience a beautiful backdrop

While the summertime can be beautiful, there’s nothing quite like a fresh and crisp winter day. You can’t rely on snow, of course, but chances are you’ll get a really beautiful, frosty landscape on your wedding day. The sunlight also looks far more stunning during the winter months and can add that magic touch to your wedding photographs.

Get creative with your wedding outfit

Every bride wants to be the centre of attention on her wedding day. That’s why unique wedding dress options are so appealing, rather than something that has been worn millions of times before. Although you have to adapt to the cold weather during winter, this also gives you the opportunity to experiment with your look. Picture embellished long sleeves, or maybe even a fur cape.

Enjoy a wider range of choice

The summer months tend to be far more popular in terms of wedding dates which means that your choices may be limited. If you truly want your dream venue, forget joining waiting lists for years on end. You and your partner don’t have to wait that long! Instead, opt for an off-season winter date and make sure that you get married in your dream location.

Cut the costs

As well as venues being more popular during the summer, they also tend to put their prices up during this peak wedding season. This is also often the case for wedding planners, caterers and all the other services that you need. If you decide to choose a winter wedding, this is typically classed as off-season and you could get a good discount.

Get a guaranteed guest list

If you’ve ever tried to organise a social event during the summer, you’ll already know the drill. It always ends up that almost half of the people you invite are either on holiday or already attending other events! However, if you decide to choose a winter wedding, it’s far more likely that the people you want at your special day will actually be able to come. Weddings are nothing without your loved ones around you, so make sure they can actually attend.

Brighten up the winter months

Winter can seem like a quiet and dreary season if you haven’t got much pencilled into your social calendar. By choosing a winter wedding date, you can bring all your friends and family together for a fun-filled day that will brighten up the darker months. Not only will you have a spectacular day, you and your partner can also then escape the cold weather and jet off to somewhere tropical for your honeymoon!