A new year means many couples are embarking on a new life together and several weddings you can look forward to attending. Whether you’re planning your own wedding or attending a friend’s, you’re probably wondering what people will be wearing at these celebrations — or more importantly, what you should wear.

During this year, you have many new trends to keep track of, along with the return of some old styles. You can use these current and upcoming looks to find the right ensemble for each wedding you’re invited to this year. From brides to wedding guests, check out the following tips on what to wear to a 2019 wedding.

  1. What a Brides Should Wear

According to the runways from Spring and Fall 2019 Bridal Fashion Weeks, bridal style is getting dreamier and more glamorous as the year goes on. From the glittery gowns of spring to the bold sleeves of fall, brides have a fun selection of styles to wear.

A-line dresses are dominating this year’s bridal gowns, especially with fun bows added. However, many people have been inspired by Meghan Markle’s wedding day attire, so fit-and-flare silhouettes are a favorite. Brides continue to love mermaid dresses with plenty of flower applique because they show off a curvy figure.

Plunging necklines are another daring trend brides can embrace for their special day. A more supportive wedding dress design that’s coming back is thin straps that add a skinny accent to your shoulders.

  1. What The Grooms Should Wear

Groom style in 2019 shows refined cuts and masculine designs that stand out. Many men about to walk the aisle will go for a three-piece suit for a dapper twist. Suits are sure to be cleanly tailored to accentuate the upper body, too.

A surprising shade that is popping up for groom’s ensembles is ink blue, but this brighter hue is sweeping through weddings. Grooms can add personal flair with lively socks but should keep their shoes sophisticated with a sharp pair of derbies or oxfords.

  1. What the Bridal Party Should Wear

These new bridal party looks can help brides and grooms choose a trendy aesthetic for their 2019 wedding. Bridesmaids, the maid or matron of honor, groomsmen, best man and any additional members can take on these emerging styles.

Bridesmaids dresses have been flowy and pastel for a while, but now they are becoming somewhat edgy. Popovers, a layered look recently seen in many weddings, are flattering to different body types, and this style is a subtle transition into more modern cuts. Long velvet gowns and deep-V necklines are two retro fads that are once again fitting for 2019 weddings.

Groomsmen outfits are similar to the trends for grooms, but these supporting guys should opt for lighter shades like pale gray and a lighter blue for their suits. A three-piece suit also dresses up the groomsmen, and add differentiating pocket squares to make the groom stand out from the pack.

  1. What Female Wedding Guests Should Wear

For wedding guest ensembles for women, 2019 suggests classy numbers are always appropriate, so stick with simple gowns and lacey dresses. The midi length is in right now, and when paired with round-toe pumps, this look is unbeatable. Off-the-shoulder dresses are chic and romantic options for the coming year, too.

To avoid dresses at your next wedding, put on an elegant jumpsuit for an effortless alternative. Modern pantsuits for women are also making a comeback, so why not try out this sleek look?

  1. What Male Wedding Guests Should Wear

In 2019, men should come to most weddings in a fitted suit. Depending on the dress code, a more formal style could be appropriate. For casual attire, men can wear straight-leg slacks, a dress shirt and a subtle tie.

While loud colors aren’t right for someone else’s wedding, you can play with subdued tones in your outfit as a guest. Men can try pairing burgundy and white for winter weddings while sticking to lighter colors for the warm months.

  1. Choose a Fashionable Option for Weddings in the Coming Year

As trends develop this year and weddings come and go, one thing rings true — honor the wedding dress code and dress with confidence. You can look forward to fun cuts and alluring colors this year, so remember these looks at your next wedding.

Content written by Kacey Mya

Images from Unsplash