After you’ve said ‘Yes’ to the love of your life, it’s time for the hard part: wedding preparations and finding the perfect wedding dress. A lot of people think that all women dream of a huge wedding, sparkly ball gown, and ‘princess vibe’, but they’re wrong. We are all different, and as much each of us would like to make that day truly special, big ball gown doesn’t always fit the picture. If you’re looking for something different, we’re here to help:

Sexy sequins


We simply can’t talk about non-traditional brides without mentioning Ainsley Hutchence and her breathtaking silver sequin gown that made her look like a star on her wedding day. Ainsley and Sebastian’s wedding was anything but ordinary, and her open-back, hi-low hem, and super-long trail made everyone’s heads turn. Of course, this doesn’t call for equally sexy heels, and no one could blame Ainsey when she chose to wear comfy sneakers instead of stilettos. If you’d still like to keep it a bit more traditional, you could always choose glittery flats instead.

Floral fairy

With so many wedding dresses using floral lace, it was only a matter of time before brides opted for floral prints instead. Graphic floral prints make the bride really stand out, and the gown itself will be unique and versatile enough to be worn on other occasions in the future too. It goes nicely with laid-back beach weddings, but also work perfectly for smaller countryside ceremonies. Still, because the dress itself is bright, you’d want to pair it with flat leather sandals with glitter and a simple bouquet of plain white roses or lilies. No need to be extravagant with accessories when the dress is colorful.

Terrific tuxedos

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Who says it’s only men who can wear tuxedos on their wedding day? You shouldn’t be afraid of donning one yourself if you really want it. Power suits can certainly make a woman feel in control, and they can also be sexy and mysterious too. Not to mention that they can be much more comfortable than many layers of heavy material such as beaded lace and satin. What is more, they’re easy to get or you can turn to a tailor and get a bespoke one. Wear it with a nice pair of heels, colorful Converse shoes, heavy boots… Go elegant, fierce, or playful and just be you.

Joyful jumpsuits


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(image House of Ollichon)

Summertime is perfect for comfy jumpsuits and sexy rompers, and why not take it one step further and get married in one? They are very feminine and there are so many styles to choose from: with sequins, lace, or beads, made of satin, linen, or cotton… They are the perfect middle ground between wearing a power suit and a lovely dress. You can wear your hair in a messy bun or an elegant chignon, cover your shoulder with a nice shawl, or go barefoot on a nice sandy beach, and no matter what you choose – jumpsuits are going to be perfectly elegant and comfy option.

Trendy two-piece

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If you’re looking to make a statement, show off your figure, and be comfortable, why not choose to wear a two-piece wedding dress? A lovely maxi skirt would pair up nicely with a simple lace crop top and stiletto heels. It’s traditional enough to resemble an ordinary wedding dress, but still attention-grabbing. You can even play with different textures: satin skirt and beaded top look amazing, as do tulle skirts and long-sleeved shirts. You don’t even have to show your midriff if you don’t want to – high-waist skirt paired with a similarly chic top will give you a timeless look you’ll love.

If your wedding is going to be unorthodox, why wouldn’t your wedding dress be as well? Dare to stay true to yourself and be different from the ‘traditional’ bride by picking an unusual wedding dress. While some of your guests might be shocked, they will know that it’s just you being you and breaking the bridal mold.

Content written by Helen Bradford.