Your wedding day is the worst possible day to have a beauty accident, but don’t panic if it happens to you – there are easy fixes to correct all those potential makeup mishaps. Have a few key products to hand and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you can fix anything.

Dry lips

Your lips play a key part in your big day – saying “I will” and kissing your new spouse. So it’s concerning if you wake up with dry, chapped lips. The fix is simple, though. Gently exfoliate them in the shower with a soft flannel, and then apply a generous amount of lip balm.

It’s worth keeping that pot of petroleum jelly with you throughout the day, to keep your lips soft and smooth. If you’re questioning is petroleum jelly safe ,petroleum jelly side effects are nothing to be concerned about, as there aren’t any known common ones. So you can put the question is petroleum jelly safe out of your mind and pop that pot in your makeup bag.

Shiny skin

You might start to feel a few beads of sweat collect on your forehead when the ceremony approaches. It’s perfectly natural to feel a few nerves, and your body might respond by bringing a bit of a shine to your brow. Or you might be having an oily skin day. Fortunately there are a couple of quick fixes.

Absorb any excess oil with blotting papers, and keep these in your wedding day makeup bag so you can blot away whenever you need to. Translucent setting powder is the other key tool – this should help keep your foundation in place and cover up any unwanted shine.

Running mascara

Prevention is better than cure, so if you can opt for a water resistant mascara in the first place you’ll be minimising the chances of panda eyes. If your formulation isn’t waterproof and you get a bit teary with the emotion of the day, chances are it’ll run. There is an easy fix.

The humble cotton bud will sort it out. Wet the tip with water (or makeup remover) to wipe away the excess mascara under your eyes. Then do a quick touch up job with your concealer, foundation and powder.

Smudged nail varnish

That cotton bud will come in handy again if you smudge your nail varnish before it’s dry. Dip the tip of the bud in a little nail polish remover and you can be precise when you rub away any stray strokes of polish.

If you break a nail during the big day, you can quickly file it away – as long as you keep an emery board or nail file in your wedding day makeup bag. Thinking ahead and planning accordingly like this will mean you’ll feel totally prepared should any mishaps occur.

Puffy eyes

If you’ve spent the night before your wedding day sleepless, you’re not alone. But that lack of rest could result in puffy eyes the next morning. There’s a clever little hack, however, that will sort it out.

Simply pop two metal teaspoons in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Once they’re suitably cold, lay the rounded part over your eyelids. Stay like this for a few minutes, and that should help bring down the puffiness. You can use ice cubes wrapped in paper towels if you don’t have any teaspoons to hand.

With these five solutions to wedding day beauty mishaps up your sleeve you can head into your big day confident in the knowledge that you can tackle any potential problem.