There isn’t a single person who does not dream of getting married in a fairy-tale location. We sometimes wrongly think of it as an island resort of some sort. Actually, it is more convenient to get married in an urban setting due to the logistics element. We present you with a list of 6 most desirable cities worldwide to get married in.


Arguably the financial capital of the world is the perfect placed to tie the knot. Not only does is it have iconic historic landmarks like Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, but it boasts new attractions as well. All these could be the ideal setting for a wedding and one of a kind photo opportunity. You could book a ride on the London Eye or a room up in the Shard. Beautiful English countryside with an hour’s ride out of the city offers a chance for a honeymoon getaway as well.



It may not boast millennia old history, but Dubai still has plenty to offer to the newlyweds. This city that sprang out of the Arabian sand offers the breathtaking backdrop of sand dunes and buggy rides across the desert. The city’s grandeur lies in the skyscrapers, most of which are hotels with special wedding offers. Hoteliers of Dubai know the potential of wedding tourism and will go extra miles to meet all your needs. All this, in combination with the scenic oceanside beaches, make it a destination to consider getting married in.



Located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore throws a bit of everything to its visitors. The tall buildings, the harbor and a unique pace of life that differs from the rest of Asia, Singapore has it all. Urban and traditional seem to blend here as dragon motifs and red lanterns are everywhere. In addition, as more and more Chinese couples decide to get married here, the wedding planning industry has been on a steady rise and the offers are more versatile by the day.



If you’re considering Australia, you should consider a city mostly overlooked because of Sydney. Melbourne has plenty to offer wedding-goers. Not many people know that you can organize a beach wedding here, or throw the ceremony in one of the verdant parks, like Queen Victoria Park. Federation Square offers countless possibilitis when it comes to cateting since it boast numerous resturants. Although there are big events happening all the time in the city, it possess an air of tranquility for you to enjoy after the ceremony. In all, getting married in Melbourne is a unique experience since you will be among the first couples to explore the versatility of this Australian urban hub.



Our list just had to have at least one urban pearl of the Mediterranean. Catalonia’s capital could serve as a wedding holiday destination, let alone a wedding venue. Its unique street art and flamboyant people are destined to leave a special mark in yours guests’ hearts. Imagine taking the wedding photos in front of the Sagrada Familia or in the famous La Rambla, the cities iconic main street. In addition, there isn’t a single cruise ship that does not dock here, so you can continue your wedding adventure in some other seaside city, like Rome, Marseilles or Athens.



The City of Love for those in love. Not only is Paris by far the biggest city in France with its rich history, but it has been a century-long wedding destination. The lists of sights includes: the riverboats on the Seine, Champs-Élysées and its crown jewel: The Eiffel Tower. Just imagine having your wedding photos taken in from of it. City’s numerous little cafes are the perfect venue for a small sized wedding ceremony. Like mot urban destination, its nightlife and historic places offer plenty to do if you prolong your stay and include the honeymoon as well.


Once you decide to have an urban wedding, don’t forget to open the atlas and pick the ceremony venue globally. There are numerous cities around the world that fit the bill, not only the six we reviewed here. If you are too mainstream for places like New York of San Francisco, then be bold and choose some place exotic, like New Zealand or Australia.

Content written by Jasmine Anderson.