For those with a city lifestyle and living in the hectic hustle and bustle of life, we yearn for a retreat close by. Guess what? I have found one right on our doorstep. The Wellbeing Farm offers everything for the holistic wedding couple. With an air of ease around the farm, resident blogger Andy wrote about our…..

Day at the farm.

The Wellbeing Farm what can we say, we had such an amazing day, everyone involved will tell you that. One of my favourite things when it comes to Bridal Chic in the City are photo shoots. They’re brilliant and today is even more exciting and brilliant than ever. Today ladies and gentleman, we have smoke bombs. We’re up near Bolton with the most beautiful scenic and idyllic landscape, England has to offer. Bridal Chic in the City has today gone Bridal Chic in the Country and to be fair, it’s not even very far outside Bolton. It’s less than 7 miles from both Bolton and Bury but it’s a million miles away from the landscapes of our towns and cities. If you want something different and a bit quirky, this is your place. The farm up until 3 years ago was derelict. It had been family owned for decades but needed something doing with it. So, something was done with it and it’s now a working farm and a fabulous venue. Celia, who runs the venue used to work for the NHS but wanted a change. I can’t think of two things so polar opposite to each other than working in the NHS and running a farm.


farm collage

The barn is where you would have your ceremony. It’s huge. There’s a lovely bar area at one end with a Chesterfield settee and brew station to relax in. The Wellbeing Farm advertise themselves as “wedding or event with a wow factor” and they have every right to do so. Celia tells me about the rustic style, sharing buffet lunch on offer at weddings and it sounds delightful. Nothing is formal. Everything is fun and quirky and even farm related. There’s even lama themed wine.


We’re using the barn for the first part of the shoot. Alina from Latvia and has never been a model before. What a day to have your first shoot. Ella Moore’s dress is a stunner. An unconventional blue in colour and Alina glides in like she’s prowled catwalks from London to Milan. Our friends Paragon Floral Design have made a blue/lilac bouquet made from hydrangeas, tulips, thistle, astrantia, scabiosa, fawns and foliage. There’s a beautiful blue ribbon which mirrors the ribbon in Alina’s hair.



Using  silver ethereal colour palettes and deep red lipstick the hair and make up was applied by Brides by Binx again coming up trumps with the theme of the shoot. Charlie says “For this look we wanted city chic meets the natural elements, there were so many beautiful colours and textures to mesh in with, but wanted the bride to have an enigmatic feel to her look. I softly waved the hair so that the hair piece would flow and not be overshadowed or covered by the hair. I wanted her skin flawless and not too sculpted. Then with her eyes created a soft glittery under eye with soft shadows on the lid. With this look you could even go more extreme and use gold leaf or stronger glitter. Then to vamp it up slightly, glossy burgundy lips.”

make up 1

Helen of Big Flower has also mirrored the colours but has also twisted it slightly by using white in her flowers. The white brings out the blue of the dress and complements the shoot no end.


We have a new photographer with us today and even she can’t hide her excitement at the thought of using smoke bombs later. Lucy Smith of Smith Imaging has been a photographer for 7 years. Born in Birmingham, trained in Liverpool and works in Manchester. Lucy has a vast amount of experience and it shows. Calm and unflappable but excited about the shoot nonetheless. Right, we’re done in the barn for now. We need to use the beautiful country land we have. We all pile into Celia’s car and drive down to another location. It’s gated and up a winding path. We end up at a beautiful house where the owner Edward lives. Edward shows everyone around and the place is unreal. It’s like you’re in another world. We have to go down some very steep steps to get to our shoot location.


Andy from Kandy Party has been down here for the last hour decorating the trees next to a stream with a mirror and lampshades covered in moss. As we’re walking down, Andy announces “I fell in the stream!!!” What probably should have been concern for Andy’s safety was replaced with screaming laughter. Andy was clearly OK so even he knew how funny the whole situation was. He was going to have to get used to this as he was about to get it from all sides but first, we had to shoot by the stream. Lucy gets Alina to look into the mirror. She looks like she’s been transported to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’s sequal Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. It’s a dreamlike shoot with the juxtapositions of lampshades and mirrors planted on trees that look so incongruent.

copy 4

copy 6

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, out come the smoke bombs. Andy is volunteered to hold them. Hold them, yes, hold them. Andy dons a pair of gloves and a pair of orange protective goggle. He looks like Bono if Bono has been a welder rather than the lead singer of U2. Lucy gets Alina to walk towards her while Andy runs around her, arms flailing with this can that is now billowing green smoke everywhere. It’s absolutely hilarious. So much so that we have a yellow one and get to do it all again except this one doesn’t want to light. Andy expresses his unease at going back to light an already lit firework but it clearly hasn’t even been close to being lit just yet. He gets it lit and we’re off. We’re on Yellow smoke this time and Andy is once again running around a thicket clasping a smoke bomb while Alina walks elegantly through the smoke as if she was on Stars in Their Eyes. Andy then has to put the can in a lantern for Alina to pick up and walk with. The transition is flawless. It’s like Bianca Knight passing the baton to Carmelita Jeter in the Olympic Stadium in London.

Cue video………..

The Images..

copy 8


copy 10

copy 12

copy 13

We’re done down here and we head back to the barn but not before our new friend Edward has fed and watered us. He busted out the biscuits and his finest china and won’t take no for an answer. Everyone’s having something before we head back. Back to the barn for a few more pics on the settee by the bar and then that’s a wrap. The perfect end to a perfect shoot. A fantastic day out and a phenomenal shoot.

Written by our resident blogger and all time fav car buddy Andy Brown.
Images by Smith Imaging
ocation The Wellbeing Farm – Owner Celia Gaze.
Written by Andy Brown – Social Media Marketing