There are some wedding movies that you forget as soon as they’re over, and there are some that you will remember for the rest of your life. Many of the movies we love the most are ones that speak to us on a personal level—either we enjoy the genre or we feel a connection to specific characters and storylines. Many movies have one recurring theme in common, whether it’s a small part of the story or the main event: Love. From slasher flicks to romantic comedies and dramas, chances are there is some form of a relationship that builds the story and the people in it. For the movie goers who can’t deny a good love story, there are many films that speak to the power of love and the crazy things we’ll do for it. If you’re looking for a few of the most memorable love stories to give you inspiration, the following are the 10 best wedding movies of all time.

Ronnie Burg content writer for The American Wedding – An Invitation company wrote this awesome Top 10 Wedding Movie List, let us know what you think for myself it’s Bride Wars all the way….

The Princess Bride

Released in 1987, the Princess Bride is the ultimate classic tale of young lovers, separated by foes and brought back together by faith, sword fighting, and clever wit. The story has become somewhat of a trademark romance through the ages, offering an unforgettable love story in an idyllic kingdom to memorable characters and a hilarious script. The love story is being told by a grandfather to his grandchild, and, while the ending is somewhat obvious, it really is a classic story that’s not to be missed.


My Best Friend’s Wedding

Humorous, humbling, and heart wrenching, My Best Friend’s Wedding is hands-down one of the best wedding movies of all time. With a great cast that includes Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz, this film looks at the different angles of a love story and how different relationships are affected by the life-long commitment of marriage. For Julia Roberts, having her best friend pop the “big question” to his girlfriend has her re-thinking all of her past feelings for him. What ensues is a very honest interpretation of the kinds of decisions we make when the one we love gives their heart to another. This romance stays true to its title, giving viewers the satisfaction that love comes in all kinds of forms.


 Wedding Crashers

Not every wedding movie starts with star-crossed lovers and ends with happily ever after. In fact, Wedding Crashers begins with two men who are the ultimate bachelors in a world of lonely, wedding-going women. Everything seems to be going great until love starts to get in the way, and the lies get bigger, messier, and more complicated. This is one of the best wedding movies of all time because it includes a hilarious acting ensemble including Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Christopher Walken. The storyline is absolutely hilarious, and this romantic comedy is non-stop from start to finish. If you’re looking for a wedding-themed film that keeps things light, this is definitely the one you want to watch.


The Wedding Singer

Sometimes the one we truly love gets away. Other times, they’re just engaged to a total jerk who doesn’t deserve them at all. In The Wedding Singer, comedian and actor Adam Sandler meets the girl of his dreams only to find out she’s engaged to a slimy suitor who doesn’t have her best interests at heart. It’s a great wedding movie that has you cheering for the underdog all the way through the film. With a mixture of drama, comedy, and music, this is the perfect film for those movie lovers who just want to see the good guy get the girl.



Have you ever stressed about the potential of clashing wedding party members? Perhaps you’ve already seen the destruction of disagreeing bridesmaids at your bachelorette party, or you just want to watch the possible hilarity ensue. Whatever the reason, Bridesmaids is one of the best wedding movies of all time when it comes to facing the problems that arise when bridesmaids clash. With Kristen Wiig at the helm of this comedy, viewers will appreciate the female-heavy cast that offers non-stop laughs. From the brutally honest opinions of Rose Byrne to the slapstick shots from Melissa McCarthy, you’re sure to see your own friends among this talented cast of personalities. What makes this film different from traditional wedding films is that it highlights the trials and tribulations of the buildup to a wedding, including the parties, traveling, organizing, and leadership roles that everyone assumes. This wedding movie is guaranteed to make you laugh—or cry from laughing so hard.


Runaway Bride

Most people cannot wait for their wedding day—the long days of planning and waiting have finally come to an end, and it is time to say their vows and celebrate! Unfortunately for Julia Roberts, this isn’t quite the case. In fact, in this wedding movie, Roberts is known as the Runaway Bride for a reason. Maggie Carpenter is her name, and avoiding commitment at all costs is her game. This romantic comedy takes a look at what happens when a lovely girl like Maggie keeps meeting great guys who are willing to put a ring on it. Unfortunately for them, their bride-to-be keeps bailing on her wedding day. It’s one of the best wedding movies because, although the premise seems a little depressing, it really does speak to the heavy weight that many people feel when it comes to making things permanent with a lifelong partner. Especially in today’s day and age when marriage isn’t what it used to be, this movie has become even more relevant as time has gone on. A great mix of comedy, romance, and honest issues, Runaway Bride is one of the best wedding films of all time and is not to be missed.


27 Dresses

The movie 27 Dresses is the perfect wedding movie for a group of singles who are looking for a little glimmer of hope when it comes to being patient and finding “the one.” In this film, Katherine Heigl has served as a bridesmaid 27 times and has collected an onslaught of horrendous bridesmaid dresses over time. The film follows the protagonist as she tries to remain positive about the possibility of finding love, even after her sister is set to marry the man she is secretly in love with. It’s a heart-wrenching love story about finding the bright side of unfortunate events and having faith that the right one will show up when it’s meant to happen. This is one of the best wedding movies of all time, especially for those who are still looking for love and for those who need a little bit of honest humor when it comes to life’s unfortunate circumstances. There’s also a really great scene of bridesmaid’s dresses you won’t want to miss.


Father of the Bride

Who can really resist a Steve Martin film, anyway? Father of the Bride is one of the best wedding films of all time, simply by having the fatherly figure of Martin gracing its presence. This flick focuses on what a family goes through when their first daughter has finally grown up, and when all of the chaos and emotional baggage is unleashed with a life event like marriage. The film highlights the tender reflecting a father typically does when he is about to give his daughter away. Part of Martin is constantly hoping that she will be taken care of the way she deserves and praying that he has prepared her for all the things adulthood is sure to throw at her. Movie lovers who enjoy heartwarming storylines will certainly enjoy this wedding flick that is all about growing up, holding on, and letting go.



Bride Wars

When things turn ugly during wedding preparations, sometimes all you can do is laugh. Bride Wars is a wedding comedy that preaches exactly that in this hilarious story starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. When two best friends both get engaged, you would imagine it would mean fun planning, dress shopping, and non-stop laughs. Unfortunately for these two friends, setting their weddings on the exact same date takes things for a turn from exciting to downright ugly. Hilarious sabotage is the name of the game in this wedding movie, and viewers won’t want to miss what happens when life-long friends-turned-bridezillas finally realize what is most important on the happiest day of their lives.



If there’s one hilarious wedding movie you’ve got to see, it’s Monster-in-Law. Headed by the amazing Jane Fonda, this wedding flick faces the all-too-familiar issue that many people are forced to deal with when it comes time for a marriage: their in-laws. Whether we like to admit it or not, in-laws can sometimes be quite a handful and, in this film, Jane Fonda takes her role to the absolute extreme. Of course, no woman is going to be good enough for her son, and Charlotte (played by Jennifer Lopez) struggles to carve out a place with a protective mother who isn’t quite ready to let her son go. This is one of the best wedding films because of the great cast, perfectly cheesy moments, and a true-to-life issue that many couples face when joining their two families together.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This hilarious take on a true wedding fiasco is the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time, despite not making it to number one at the box office. Released in 2002, the film follows a young Greek woman with a very large Greek family who have all been following a traditional way of living for far too long. The protagonist is played by the very funny Nia Vardalos, who falls in love with an American man and agrees to marry him despite her parents’ best efforts to land her a nice Greek man, instead. This is one of the best wedding films of all time, as it light-heartedly tackles the pressures we feel from family members and the need we often feel to break away from tradition and lead our own lives.This romantic comedy is one of the best of its kind, showing us that while family can often be overwhelming and obnoxious, they always want the best for us at the end of the day. This is definitely a film to watch for a funny, heartwarming story about following your heart and coming back home.


The Hangover

For wedding parties, one of the most exciting things about being a part of someone’s big day is letting it all out and celebrating at the bachelor/bachelorette party. This is really a time for the bride and groom to have one last night out before they enter into the world of marriage and commitment, but it doesn’t always go as planned. The Hangover isn’t just about a wedding, but what often ensues nights before when the groomsmen go out to celebrate their friend. In the case of this film, comedic superstars Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Bradley Cooper wake up from a bachelor-party-gone-wrong, missing their groom and having absolutely no idea what happened the night before. The film follows the trio as they retrace their steps through the wild streets of Vegas trying to find their friend Doug before it’s time for him to walk down the aisle. This is one of the best comedic wedding films of all time, with a spot-on cast, a ridiculous storyline, and one of the best endings in a romantic comedy you’ll ever see.



Love is a recurring theme in all kinds of movies, but there’s nothing like a great wedding film to really pull at the heartstrings. Whether they end happily ever after or in a pile of tears and tissue, wedding films have a way of making us feel strongly connected to characters who are trying to maneuver their way through the trials and tribulations of love. If you’re trying to pick out some movies that are sure to please the entire crowd, consider this list of the best wedding movies of all time for an onslaught of laughs, life lessons, and a whole lot of love.

Ronnie Burg

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