A Styling Masterclass from Confetti

Who would want to spend a tuesday styling tables, learning the art, whilst munching on a homemade macaron?
MEEEEEEE  of course!!!!
Invited by the Confetti team, Lucy and Anyonita, to attend a table styling workshop #stylemepretty, I entered into the room with excitement about what I was about to learn that afternoon. As you will see from our video from our You Tube site, it was pretty awesome…..

Introductions began by meeting some really lovely, cool bloggers from the city and for me this was a great networking opportunity I probably would have taken some time to arrange myself. Bloggers included:

So what did we learn?
Other than the fantastic offer of you winning a £40K wedding……………yes a £40 thousand pound wedding who wouldn’t want this opportunity to win a wedding. You need to enter before the 31st October. I suggest you get entering. We also were given top table styling tips..(go on, say it fast!!) read on and get stuck into this mini tutorial of styling your table pretty. First things first though, a tipple of lemonade served from this  apothecary drink dispenser, in these cute little bottles with paper straws, quirky and cool, this table would make a great entrée into any reception or waiting room pre or post the wedding ceremony. The homemade macarons were made from one of the confetti team and all I can say is …..#todiefor


Next we got straight into the top tips and tutorials of the table styling. I’ve added the table images below have a look and take a few moments to look at the presentation and layout.

Table 1 – Rustic


Table 2 – Vintage


So, what did you see?
The top 3 tips from the team were to focus on:

1. Height
2. Detail
3. Texture

You might not be the next Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen but everyone has their own style all you have to do on your wedding day is one thing…..


This is your day, and your doing it your way. With the help of companies like Confetti its getting easier and easier to interpret your style.

So back to the tables did you see these 3 tips incorporated into the table?

The height- take the wooden boxes or candelabras, this can be used multiple ways and after the event gifted or kept as home decor. See, a 241 use!! By adding texture in the form of faux flowers this gives depth and visual appeal to the guests eye and in turn finish the look of the room.


The details are what brings the whole look together. Its all in the theme you choose be it rustic, vintage, urban  or boho to name a few…and I really mean to name a few, the amount of themes out there are endless which comes back to the saying “making the wedding your own”. Ask yourself the questions:
-What are you favourite things?
-What makes you and your partner happy?
Look at your home interior this very often reflects your unique style, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Leaf through your fav interior magazine, dream big but be mindful of your pennies. Can you DIY it ? Would you want to? These are just a few things to get your mind thinking all thing bridal. Get a pinterest board and pin images you love, this will be your online moodboard forever to be kept… here is one of mine that influenced the overall look of my studio 54 photoshoot. Table styling your venue is a key part of the overall look of your wedding, so get your creative juices flowing and set up your PINTEREST page today.

Below I’ve added a few of my favorite things I saw from the day… some things are just genius.

The paper bag menu, affordable from only 34p, is perfect for a rustic/festival style wedding. Picnic weddings are a new thing one of which I personally love especially if you have kids and want a down to earth kinda wedding feel. BTW the utensils are not just boring wooden ones but have a funky pattern #coolasfunk


Just some inspiration from pinterest how to incorporate this rustic style.

(images from pinterest)

What more can we about these LOVE bowls ….that one word that sums up what your wedding day is all about. Filled with chocolates and flowers these are a fabulous detail to add to your decor and provide the perfect interaction that your guests will be sooo happy with you for. (ie scranning the chocolates..lol)


Cute lil chocolate thrones, would have to get me some of those if I was getting married now.


This vintage box has a dual purpose, for example as well as being a great height piece to add the decor, it can later be used as a wall display box for hanging after the wedding day!!! Next we have these little cupcake cloches, fantastic for both wedding and home use displayed below with faux flower or actually cupcakes, just remember to display in odd numbers (interior top tip)….


Your something blue in the form of tableware…. this would set off your colour scheme and take it to the next level in look and meaning.


My most favourite thing that caught my eye were these little books, a lover of all things noteworthy I love a good journal, and this hen do one says it all… its all “about me” something your bride should truly feel pre and post her wedding day. These cost just £24.95 and are a real treat for the hen booty bag.



Oh and this wooden ring box... love love love this for £16.48 this fits perfectly into the lapel pocket of the best man.

ring box

Next we had a chance to style a couple of tables ourselves. Put into two teams, I was teamed with Aba from @doyouknownoah. This was our chance to touch and feel the products. we went for the rustic theme and added accents of pink. The good thing with faux flowers is you get to keep them. I have made many a wedding bouquet where I would give the bride a vase for after the wedding to keep her bouquet in. This goes for you too, I personally think faux flowers rock. This was our end result, not bad aye?


The close of the session gave us a chance to chat with the bloggers and Confetti team reflecting over a few more macarons, delish, this was the perfect end to out table styling session. Thank you so much for the invite, looking forward to the next event.

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