Fireworks are a fantastic way to add some extra magic to your wedding. You can incorporate fireworks in many ways, whether you want a grand finale to your party or a spectacular backdrop for your wedding photography.

Before you rush to the shops to buy wedding fireworks, here are the questions that need answering.

Who will be in charge of the display?

Do you want to have someone in the wedding party in charge of the fireworks? Or would you prefer to hire a professional fireworks display team? There are plenty of pros and cons to both options.

When considering your options, two things should be at the centre of your decision making process.

What will it cost?

First, think about the budget.

Hiring a professional fireworks display team might seem initially a lot more expensive, but it can be far less stressful. Using a professional display team will mean they can also use professional fireworks, which will add to the WOW-factor.

However, you can create a stunning display on your own as well. But be mindful of your budget and the kind of display you want to achieve.

What’s the safest option?

The second factor to think is about safety. You need to make sure the person in charge of the display knows what they are doing. You don’t want an expensive part of your big day to end in disaster. Therefore, you want to find someone who’s used to handling fireworks if you’re opting for the DIY route, or at least buy fireworks that come with a remote ignition kit and instructions for laying out the display.

What does the venue say about fireworks?

Perhaps even more important is to check with your chosen wedding venue about their fireworks policies. Different venues have different opinions when it comes to fireworks – some might outright say no fireworks displays, although this is rare these days.

Check with the venue well in advance. If a fireworks display is essential for you, ask before you even book the venue. You might decide not to use the fireworks anyway, but it’s important to know you have the option if you want to.

Relating to the above point about safety, your venue might allow firework display groups but not DIY displays. Ask the venue for specific policies and restrictions to ensure everything is sorted before you spend any money on fireworks.


Are there other restrictions I need to think about?

Aside from checking with the venue, you want to make sure there aren’t any other restrictions in place. Your wedding venue might allow fireworks as long as you adhere to the local council’s noise restriction policies, for example. Venues will normally be clear on this but it’s always worth checking yourself, too.

In terms of timings, fireworks in the UK can be set off up to 11pm, with the exceptions of Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve.

If noise restrictions are an issue, remember you could opt for low noise fireworks. These won’t set off the same kind of bangs as your typical fireworks and are great for city venues – you might even prefer them if your wedding party has a lot of young children!

What if the weather is not good?

You’ll be hoping for sunshine and warmth on your wedding day, especially if you’re having a summer wedding, but sometimes luck is not on your side. The weather can be tricky when it comes to weddings and if it’s stormy outside, you might have to cancel your display or take extra precautions.

Make sure you keep the fireworks dry before setting off. If it’s windy, you can use a windbreaker near the launch area and perhaps even add a few extra meters to the distance between the launch area and the crowds. Don’t set off the fireworks if the weather is challenging – you can always use them later at another party. If you’re using a professional display group, check what their weather policy is and what happens if they can’t pull off the display.

So, before you create your perfect wedding fireworks display, make sure to answer the above questions!

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