Sunshine, flowers, the breeze and a sensational feeling that summer brings awaken that fantastic charm ideal for a wedding. Whether you go to a local outdoor bar garden or choose a stunning beach location, be aware that there are some things which you need to consider when planning an outdoor wedding.

Shut out the light

One of the greatest advantages of a summer wedding is having an outstanding opportunity for your guest to enjoy beautiful weather and sunshine. However, depending on which part of the day your ceremony would start, excessive sunlight can certainly affect negatively to the entire atmosphere. You want to allow your guest to indulge in the reception without having to peer. Consider having your reception and ceremony under a wonderful wedding marquee. You will prevent your guest burning in the sunlight and you would have a natural air circulation all around.

Diversify the venue

If you are already planning a breathtaking wedding at a luxurious location, then you might have hired a wedding planner to make sure that everything is running immaculately. On the other hand, if you desire a more artistic and unique banquet, there is no need to go to a fancy restaurant, your backyard will be just fine. Great idea is to get kombi bar & DJ hire which will spice up the venue, and by getting cool and extravagant professional entertainment like that, you will empower the wedding for sure. Also, you can be even more creative and consider holding the reception in a hot-air balloon, or on an edge of a cliff. Summer definitely gives you a range of opportunities for the location, whatever you decide make sure to bring a cameraman to capture all those amazing moments.

Essential props

What every bride and groom need to have, next to perfect wedding dress and a suit, is a constant smile on their face. But for an outdoor wedding, there are few must-haves needed to make it more sensational. First things first, you should always have a bottle of water next to you to avoid dehydration, next, bring sunglasses so that you can completely enjoy the weather. Also, something that will come in handy is a suncream and a mosquito repellent, you most surely don’t want your guest to be annoyed by those boring pests.

Be bold

When you have an outdoor wedding there is bound to be a lot of cold refreshments all around. Drinks play the most important role, so make sure that you have plenty of it. If you are more daring you can make ice margarita pops, or frozen fruit Jell-O, or have unique ice cream sweets and cupcakes that everybody will absolutely love. Another summer must-have is a cocktail stand with smooth drinks which will enliven and cool-out the whole party. A bright idea would also be not to go with classical plain white wedding cake, but have your glaze and frosting in bright yellow or orange color like the sunset, so that it completely contributes to that summer outlook.

Decorate your banquet

It goes without saying that in order to get that perfect summery feel you don’t need much ornaments and decorations except the chill air and light breeze. Wrong! To create an impeccable summer ambient, no matter the location, you should put lots, and lots of flowers. Lush zinnia, green rose, or dahlias will go perfectly as your table centerpieces or around the aisle. Since they range in colors from peach, ivory to champagne, they will blend nicely with any theme. On the other hand, you can decorate the wedding by placing some pastel colored paper lanterns all around, or you can illuminate the surrounding by traditional light bulbs that come in different shapes and sizes.

Go with the flow

Last but not least, you have to feel comfortable and relaxed. As a bride, you should choose to wear a light silk or lace wedding dress, and the groom should put on a lightweight jacket so as should all other guests. Summer is the time when the weather is pretty hot and humid, so wear light clothes. What is more, make the most of the summer by sparkling up the atmosphere. You can purchase some fireworks and gorgeous sparks that could be lit up while you are walking down the aisle.

Layered formal outfits, cool drinks, exquisite location, great music, and weather make summer the ideal season for a wedding. Whatever you might do, just make the most out of the special day.


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