Always on the look out for something different and a bit quirky I came across this company from the  blogsite.


Intrigued I read on and I thought what an awesome idea not only do the guests get an amazing invite, totally one of a kind, but they also get to keep it as a memento of the big day, plus its like reeeally useful, we all know you can never have too many tea towels……..I Love It.

Fast forward a Facebook stalk and tweet later they agreed for me blog their work and share it with you.



Who better to tell you about their work then Karen the founder of this business .


“We got married back in 2009 and Ben, being  a designer, really wanted to come up with something different and cool for our invites so after a lot of ideas… he finally hit on the idea to send a wedding tea towel! Our friends and family loved the idea and our RSVPs came flooding in within hours and that’s when we thought, we just might be able to make a little business out of it.

I’d just had our first child and was basically looking for ways to avoid going back to work full time! So we thought we’d give it a go! And more or less as soon as the website was made live, the orders started coming in. Looks like we weren’t the only ones desperate for something a little different for our wedding!

Now, we have a range of around 20 designs, all beautifully designed and printed on to 100% cotton tea towels, (washable at 40 degrees and can actually be used… like, in a real kitchen!). And the super great thing about them is that they cost around the same your standard paper invitations and they are better for the environment as your guests can actually make use of them and keep them forever rather than them ending up in the bin!”




“All around really – the Royal Wedding was a great one for us launching our Royal design which is really fun. But we can seek inspiration from anywhere – current trends, something that we see out and about, or even as simple as we keep getting asked for the same thing then we know it’s a design route we’ve got to explore! ”


The printing process for our towels is really old according to Wiki, we use a slightly more modern approach, but in principal it’s still the same. First a screen is created of your artwork, then this is coated in ink and set in the Carousel, which feeds the blank 100% cotton Tea Towels into the press and prints them, then they go through the oven to bake dry, and hey presto they’re ready to be packaged up and sent out to you. Everything from the design to the printing is handled in the UK.



So now all that’s left to do is take a look at some images from this fantastic idea. If its something you fancy looking further into or ordering for your wedding putting a twist on tradition click on the link:








Fabulous hey!!!!

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