What have the Romans ever done for us? Well they gave us Manchester. That’s a start. We did the rest. Well, not Bridal Chic in the City, those who came before us played a massive part.

  • The first computer was made here
  • The internet was invented here
  • The enigma code was broken here
  • The first passenger train was here.

Manchester was the world’s first industrial city so it makes sense that we are at The Museum of Science and Industry for a plus size styled shoot with Edith and Winston Bridalwear. We’re all upstairs on the second floor while make up and hair is being done. Child care is always an issue for new mums and we have babies being played with and electronic entertainment going on. There’s hair going on in one corner and make up in another. Three dresses hang from a coat stand. Becky Betty has done a great job with the hair, Kerry loves the style. “I can’t wait to show my Mum”. Hair firmly fixed in place and she’s ready to go.

edith and winston

We have two models today, Kerry and Jenny. Jenny is wearing a dress by Ivory & Co and Kerry’s is designed by Kelsey Rose. Both dresses have been provided by the fabulous Becca from Edith and Winston. Becca handpicked and styled the models perfectly for the shoot. She really knows how to dress the plus size figure and this shows her skills and talent in the final images.

edith & winston

Kerry as an MUA has done her own make up but Jenny’s has been done by Jen from Soiree Make up. Both models have had their hair done by Becky Betty. We’ve got the hottest shoes in town, Charlotte Mills saw to that.  Head pieces have been provided by Satyrion and Paragon Floral Design and Dan Hough Photography is our happy snapper.

soiree make up
Soiree Make Up.

Charlotte Mills Bridal Footwear.


edith and winston
Headpiece by Satyrion.

We have flowers too. Unconventional flowers. Paragon‘s take on a bouquet is simple yet extraordinary and the belt Kerry is wearing is a delight. The belt was designed with and embroidery technique with a ribbon tie, the flowers are all arranged in a pattern so the design has movement. Lisa from Paragon says ” This is experimenting with using flowers in a different way rather than having a bouquet on your wedding day, using floral statement pieces can be more visual and allow you to have your flowers with you all day. The design can be used in many other ways for example a shawl or bodice. The necklace, hair piece and ring bouquet is constructed with wire coils. It is very light and delicate perfect to wear all day. Each part of this bridal floral collection complements each other, the flowers flow from head to toe creating a beautiful colour wave of gorgeous flowers. The bouquet is held on a ring fastening so no need to worry about dropping it. The wire and flowers can be many colours so can suit any wedding”


There are some amazing places to shoot around The Museum of Science and Industry. Cobbled stones, red telephone boxes and aeroplanes. The weather is glorious and we have got the choice of two zebra crossings. We plump for the one on Liverpool Road and there are several Mexican stand off’s with cars thinking we want to cross with us telling them they can keep going.

Edith and Winston

We’ve been given permission to shoot in both The Air and Space part of the museum and in The Power Hall. The Air and Space museum is full of classic aviation. I’m sure an enthusiastic 10 year old would correct me if I’m wrong but there are spitfires and Lancaster’s alongside planes made by The Wright Brothers in there, all used as a beautiful backdrop for our shoot.

Edith and Winston

Over in The Power Hall, we have all manner of cogs and other turny things that make machinery go and steam powered railway engines too. Anyone who says they don’t like trains is a liar. Trains are brilliant. I don’t mean in a write down the number on it in a pad, I mean the feel of them and the way they look. They’re beautiful things and these old steam engines are glorious. All of these things add to the nostalgic feel to the shoot. We even use the blue postbox on Liverpool Road. It was painted blue in 1983 to commemorate its original use of being a postbox especially for airmail.



edith and winston

edith and winston

Being such an historical area, we couldn’t resist using some of the landmarks around Castlefield. The old Roman fort is a must and we have both Jenny and Kerri standing in the middle of the arches. After a couple more shots of both models twirling in front of the tiled wall opposite, we’re done. We’ve all had a fun day and even the kids have enjoyed themselves. Olivia has stopped crying and is all smiles and Sophie has even taken to copying poses for the camera.

edith and winston

We all head back to the museum for the girls to get changed and pack everything away. Another fun packed shoot finished. Never a dull moment with Bridal Chic in the City. The Museum of Science have been very accommodating and helpful. If you want more information on wedding packages click here.

Written By Andy Brown Social Media Marketing for Bridal Chic in the City.