We have a great opportunity to give one of you lucky followers a Love Layla booty bag.

In a collaboration with the team over at Love Layla they sent us a haul of cards, balloons and lots more booty. Now I have written a blog on Love Layla before which you can read here. But I love hearing about the people who are behind the brand and I was so inspired by the Instagram post shared the other week by the founder of LL I wanted you to all read it here.

From Love Layla’s Founder Stacey

“This morning, it was announced that I have been shortlisted for the Northern Power Women Award for the “Outstanding Entrepreneur”. Today also marks 3 years that I first launched a range of 11 Valentine’s Day cards back in 2015. These initial cards were launched because we were stony broke because of Christmas, my husband had a back injury from work and we had a one year old… I had been made redundant as a Graphic Designer as I left for Maternity leave the previous year. So, “I used my skills to pay the bills” and started pushing my Graphic Design skills to earn some extra cash to see us over a shitty time, all from our dining room!

Love Layla

Little did we realise that 3 years later we would be proudly standing in our office/warehouse premises as Directors of our own business with 4 staff members who are as passionate about this business as we are. And of course, you guys – our followers, customers and fans – if it wasn’t for you loving our products, we wouldn’t have travelled this far. I thought it would be appropriate to include a photo on this post of the reason the business was started, the reason I chose Layla in the business name and the reason we continue to strive for this business to keep growing.

I am one of eight shortlisted in my category, all successful women in business.
Who run the world? :D”

Inspired? We are, everyone at Bridal Chic wishes LL the best of luck.

So who does Love Layla appeal to?

Well its definitely not for the PC brigade so why do we love them? well its because its just a laugh and its light hearted fun and your mates will get it and for those that turn their nose up just don’t read it or at least take it with a pinch of salt.

So here goes nothing if you want to grab a set of wedding cards there are 4 in the pack alongside a desk calendar, badge, balloons and wrapping paper all you need to do is;

Love Layla

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The winner will be picked at random on 31st January but if you do not win don’t despair cards start from a mere £3.75 and you can buy them from their website.





This post was not sponsored its just for fun 🙂