From disastrous dates to marriage proposals and weddings

With the Royal Wedding in full swing, research has revealed the important role that pubs play in dating, relationships and even marriage proposals.

Following a OnePoll study with 2,000 UK adults, Young’s Pubs has been delving into dating stories and discovering the impact that British pubs have in both blossoming and long-term romance.

Pub dates are the best dates

It revealed that Brits love going for a drink with their partner, with over 90% of the nation saying they go to the pub with their other half. And, over half of those polled said some of their favourite nights out have been in the pub with their other half. In fact, over 10% of the nation go to the pub with their partner three times a month.

Over 35% agreed that going to the pub with their other half was an important part of the relationship with two out of five people saying that going to the pub with their spouse was good for their relationship.

Making memories in the pub

Some of our happiest memories are made in pubs and almost 10% of people got engaged in a pub or bar. It’s a popular location for a date with almost 80% of the nation having been on a date in a pub or bar. Thankfully more often than not, it’s a good date, with 55% of those people polled admitting they’ve had some really good dates in pubs and bars.

Emma Dickinson, marketing manager for Young’s Pubs said “It’s important that our pubs get their mood lighting right, with over half of Brits saying lighting is important to them when choosing a pub. Our staff love the role they play in developing relationships with almost half of Brits feeling that pubs were great places to meet people when you’re single. In fact, almost a third of the nation had their first date with their current spouse in the pub.”

When dates go wrong

However, Young’s discovered it’s not all love-stories and fairy tales, as over a quarter of the nation admit to having had a disastrous date in the pub too. Cringeworthy scenarios include awkward silences, being the only one in fancy dress, blind dates not looking like their photos and drinking too much. Some first dates are so bad that Brits will go to extreme measures to get away. Almost 10% of the nation admitted to faking an emergency to get out of the date and a small number of the nation (3.34%) had even climbed out of the pub window to escape.

Lack of conversation, feeling awkward and not having any chemistry were the nation’s top first date worries. While a third of self-conscious Brits also felt worried that their date wouldn’t find them interesting.

Dating ‘Dos and Don’ts’

When it comes to dating ‘Dos and Don’ts’ it seems men and women are not always on the same page. Women felt that asking questions and taking an interest in their date was the top ‘dating do’, while men felt paying their date a compliment was more important.

However, when it comes to what not to do on a date at the pub, both men and women agreed getting drunk was a big no-no. Over half the nation would either leave or send their date home if they got too drunk. Exploring more first-date thinking, it was revealed that kissing on the first date is okay, with over a third of the nation revealing they’ve done this.

Finding long term love

Emma added “Whilst we can’t control how well a couple will hit it off, we can make the environment as comfortable as possible to help put daters and couples at ease. The research revealed the relaxed environment of a pub was why over a third of the nation chose this as the setting for the first date with their partner. What’s more, over 60% of people agree that the pub is a great place for a first date. However, at Young’s we are about more than first dates having witnessed developing relationships, marriage proposals and even weddings. A truly-memorable Young’s premium hen or stag party is a popular part of the whole Young’s love story. And we are proud to offer some beautiful settings for weddings for those looking for a more relaxed, less formal or more intimate setting to spend time with family and friends on a couple’s most important day.”

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