Have you ever, you’ve played that game right?
Well relating this to my blog ” Kids as Attendants” the question is …

Question : Have you ever photographed children?
Answer : No. How hard can it be?

Well I wouldn’t say hard so much as challenging and that’s just the boys!!!

I wanted to put together a kids shoot. I have never done one before and we kinda had a plan which kinda went to pot because of all the kinda #notlovey August weather we have been having, rain, rain, more rain and a tiddy bit of sun – pretty much in that order was the weather that day…
The flowers were bought, designs made, the park was out ! Where can we go? The question was asked many a time. It was all too short notice but between the four of us surely we knew of somewhere.

Well we did. Thanks to Lisa from Paragon Floral Design she let us use a part of her work space on a farm up on the tops in Oldham. A space that could be blocked and sheltered from the rain. Venue set we all came up to the farm and the heavens opened, could colourful balloons and bags of sweets save the day…. I dunno but we were going to try.

First things first the hair  by Becky Betty Hair and like I said, it wasn’t going to be easy!

The kids – (sourced locally, all our own..lol)

Charlie  – My son
Rohan – Lisa from Paragon’s son
Sara – Ella Moore daughter
Sophie – Becky Betty Hair stylist son.

The boys wore beige pants and white shirts. It was all about the floral bow ties and floral tie. Lisa also made a unique floral corsage and cap pin.  Kate and Lisa say “I was inspired to design flowers which would last the day and be able to with stand the inquisitive and curiosity of a child. Boys tend to wear a tie or a bow tie so using raw bark and created these items and decorated them softy with suitable and complementary flowers.


“I also created a wand and head band out of the raw bark , using ribbons and the same flowers to decorate the design. On the second look I used a mix of red orange and yellow threads to weave a tie, a button hole, head band, a small hand held circlet and a heart ring cushion. The flowers where placed inside the threads to give depth and interest to the design.”


“The coiled design of the bouquet is an extension of a previous design we did with Nicole at Chethams school of music. The piece can be held by 1 bridesmaid or by 2, essentially joining them. The flowers used are delicate in contrast with the structure and can be changed to adopt any colour palette. It’s a fun playful design which best suits from age 8 upwards.”


For the girls Laura from Ella Moore designed and made up two dresses which were absolutely stunning. How cute do they both look wearing hair pieces made from Paragon. Laura say’s “I always try to keep kids outfits simple as its not always easy dressing The little people and these two cute little dresses both have a simple bodice design with a bit more drama in the skirt. Sophie’s dress is duchess satin with 6 layers of tulle gathered to create all the volume. This one is finished with crystal clear sequins that just catch the light and a fishing line curly hem. Sara’s dress is also duchess satin but is in two parts. The main body of the dress has a simple gathered skirt as well as side seam pockets. The drama of the dress is added with the tulle skirt which ties around the waist with an ivory ribbon giving that fab layered tutu look.”



Kenny did a great job photographing the madness that is 4 kids one space. I’m happy to say we made it through and after two meltdowns a beautiful shy model and a cutie little 2 year old high on life. I’ve gotta say I’m pretty chuffed with the end result…who made up the term “butter wouldn’t melt? ”
Big round of applause for these guys xxxx


Scooby doo
Party rings
And two hula hoops – cheers Becky you saved our bacon…

The Photographer – Kenny Brown Photography ,boy did good….