Does the thought of writing a funny speech fill you with dread ?

Do you think your speech may go down this route????


Are you the bestest of buddies and whatever happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza !!!


Well I think I know a man who can…
☆☆☆Adam Blaize ☆☆☆
( Dah Dah….)

“I am a speechwriter, with a background in writing and performing both comedy and drama for stage and screen.

In 2010, I was the best man at my best friends wedding. It was a daunting prospect, because at that particular time, I’d never performed in front of people before. I set about writing my speech but nothing seemed to work; nothing seemed to fit.
Then I found that special something; those words that you wouldn’t usually find yourself saying. The important thing was to get the right balance between funny and personal.
When the day came around and the time arrived, the first thing that I remember was feeling that weight of expectation, from my best friend, his wife, their family and everybody else sitting in that room. This could set the tone for the rest of the day.
So there I was, standing at the front of the room in front of all of these people. I looked down at the words that I’d written. That first big laugh from the audience was a huge relief; the pressure was off. From that moment, I didn’t look back. There were laughs, anecdotes and a toast to the future.
I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed that speech and I’d now like to help others, who may find writing a speech daunting or too much to bare.


My credits include, Property (2013), which won the North West Short Film Category Award at Screen Stockport.
In 2012, I was also a semi-finalist for the national So You Think You’re Funny? contest, a runner up in the Southport Comedy Festival New Act competition and a finalist in the Nottingham Comedy Festival Brand New to Comedy contest.



Now after that you may get a…..


Which will make you a very happy and relieved bunny….

Here are a few additional top tips to preparing a best man speech.


Here’s to the big speech… ready, steady ahemmm…go…