Tomorrow is the start of tasty cake week at BCITC ..
I will be recommending Manchester cake makers to all our lovely brides to be’s.
Take your pick from some amazing ideas..
What would be your favourite flavour?
Do you like traditional or something kitch like our Victoria sponge cake?
Personally when I got married I fell in love with the white chocolate cigarillo cake decorated with red roses with chocolate ganache filling. I hunted high and low to get a good quality cake within my budget. It had to be the cigarillo or no cake at all. My heart was set but they were all so expensive, up to £800! Just about as I was going to give up, and plump for second best, my best friend reccomended a collegue who had retired and baked cakes. I followed my instinct and trusted my friends recommendation, and met up with this lovely lady who I instantly clicked with. I knew she wouldn’t let me down and after perusing her portfolio I booked her to bake my dream cake and saved myself £500 which paid for my flowers. It looked amazing and I’m lead to believe tasted amazing….did I get a taste!!!!!!! Well just a small piece and then it was gone, never to be seen again 🙁 or so I thought……
One year later my best friend called round with an anniversary present of chocolate ganache cake made from the baker herself…and so after all I did get my cake and eat it………..

Moral of todays blog trust our small independent buisnesses to help create your dream It will be just as fabulous and just as nice including the price. 😉

Much as love
xx BCITC xx