One of the happiest days of your life is approaching, and as life will have it, it’s approaching fast. Probably faster than you would’ve liked. It’s dizzying and overwhelming, knowing how much needs to be done in such a short time. However, it’s not undoable. Before you start worrying over what to do and when, here are a few tips to help you start.

Don’t panic

Whatever the reason is for getting married on a short notice, never lose your cool. Just because your wedding is happening on a shorter notice, doesn’t mean it still can’t be one of the best days of your life. You will just have to work smarter, more practically, and up your efficiency game. Look at it this way: by the end of the process, you will up your time management and organizational skills by a million notches. Shoehorn in some time for yourself every day, as well. Unwind, recap and re-evaluate what you’ve done that day to keep your sanity from crumbling.

Re-evaluate your finances

Sit down and take note of the amount of money you’re working with. Seeing how much over or under the budget you are gives a realistic image of what you can achieve in such a short notice. Secondly, it makes a number of decisions easier: which venue can be booked and when, how many guests you can invite, and what kind of food will be served. If anything, it eliminates the perpetual insecurity that follows every bride and groom on their wedding day.

Know what’s important

Make a list of priorities.

First, assess how much time you realistically have. Then divide it into months, weeks or even days, depending on when you’re getting married. Create a schedule of sorts, or use a calendar. Write in each box a to-do list for that day and set goals for the week. From simply trying to fit all the usual responsibilities onto a schedule, you’ll already see which things need to be done sooner, and which ones later.

Trim the edges

With that in mind be flexible. If something doesn’t fit your budget, or it’s not doable within the time-frame you have… ditch the idea. This is why good pre-planning and financial plan are crucial to a tear-free wedding preparation. You won’t get heartbroken if something turns out to be less than doable within standards you want. Trimming the edges can also mean finding a more affordable venue to be able to fit and feed more guests, or getting a dress that needs less modification, and so on. It’s all about making compromises.

Make a wedding website

Nowadays, wedding websites are a godsend for brides and grooms-to-be. As silly as it may sound to some, these websites are so much more than a gallery showcase of the newlyweds or their registry. It’s a great place to share links of your wedding photographer, so the guests know what to expect, the venue website and so on. More importantly, when it comes to short-notice weddings – it’s an indispensable tool for updating your guests on any changes. Whether it’s about food, the venue, the hotel rooms and so on, they can simply check online for any news, saving you in time you’d waste calling everyone. Afterwards you can easily share all the wonderful wedding photos with all your guest just by uploading them to the website. Just make sure to find a suitable photographer, such as Daniel Griffiths, but you can always browse the internet for more options.

Do the details last

When you make your wedding schedule, ensure that your last days of preparations are clear of any major things. By this time, you should have your dress ready, the venue set up, the vendors hired, and all you should be concerned with are the optional wedding favours, the guest seating list, getting your marriage license… the details. During those days, all you have to do is worry about getting your hair done, makeup, and relax. It’s a break well deserved.

Take care of yourself

While this can still fall under the “don’t panic” paragraph, it’s important to repeat that, after all, you should put yourself first. Set aside time out of your day, whether it’s in the morning to plan out the week or the day, or if it’s at night, to recap everything and see where you stand with the remaining time before the wedding. What’s a great wedding with a stressed and worn-down bride?

Since wedding preparations can be a nightmare, it’s only fitting to assume that a shorter preparation time will be even more stressful. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. With a good starting plan, familiarity with your budget and not being afraid to cut corners will cost you so much time and spare you the stress. If anything, this is a great crash course on time management and resourcefulness which, if you stay cool, you’re guaranteed a pass with flying colours.

Content written by : Helen Bradford.