Have you been asked to be a Maid of Honor? Are you freaking out about what you’re going to have to do? The duties you have to complete? The running around you’ll have to do? And the constant moral support you’ll have to provide your best friend in the weeks, months or years leading up to her big day?

Being asked to be a Maid of honor is no small deal- in fact it’s a massive… honor. And the best way to really say thank you is to be the absolute best wedding wingwoman you can be.

I know this is no easy task, so I’ve put together the top tips on how to be the very best Maid of Honor you can be. Put your thinking cap on, get your notebook out, and let’s begin!

1. Go to Wedding Appointments with the Bride

The bride-to-be is going to have a stack of meetings and appointments leading up to the big day. There are wedding cake tastings to attend, wedding dresses to try on, and venue options to attend.

To be a really amazing Maid of Honor, offer to attend these important meetings with her. She has a lot of decisions to make, and as her best friend and right-hand woman for the day, she’s going to want to know your opinion.

That being said, don’t be pushy and force yourself into every wedding appointment in her calendar. There might be some wedding meetings that her and hubby-to-be want to attend just the two of them. Merely offer your time and moral support for any meetings she might have.

2. Help Pick Out Bridesmaid Dresses and Accessories

As the Maid of Honor, your opinion plays a leading role in what you and the other bridesmaids will be wearing on the wedding day. This can be a tricky one – you’ve got to find a common ground between a bride who wants her bridal party to look like one thing and the bridesmaids who want to wear something completely different.

But remember – it’s her special day and her day to shine, not theirs.

To be a fantastic Maid of Honor you’ve also got to make sure that all the bridesmaids have ordered their dresses and accessories on time. You do not want any frantic running around that will add to the bride’s stress levels.

And don’t forget about hair and makeup! Confirm with any hair stylists and makeup artists before the day that they will be on time and at the correct location.

3. Throw an Amazing Bachelorette Party

Ah the bachelorette party. One of the most fun duties of being a Maid of Honor!

Because this can be quite a costly affair, it is customary for the Maid of Honor to request and collect funds for the party from all of the bridesmaids. So don’t feel embarrassed or scared to do so! You’re not expected to fork out all of your own cash to throw a great hen do, but of course you should contribute.

It’s also crucial to throw a bachelorette party that everyone is happy and comfortable with. If you know that mums, nans and conservative aunties will be attending, maybe stay clear of hiring a nearly nude Chippendale.

There are so many other classy hen do ideas that are heaps of fun! Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with a magnificent private confectionary tasting at Pierre Hermé. Or keep with good times flowing with a private group English sparkling wine tour in Surrey Hills. Alternatively, treat the stressed out bride and her wedding crew to a relaxing spa pamper day. An excellent way to calm her pre-wedding nerves.

4. Prepare the Perfect Reception Speech

Now we get to one of the most stressful duties of being a Maid of Honor – the reception speech. To really nail your few minutes of wedding fameI highly recommend preparing it in full before the big day.

A lot of bridesmaids think they can just jot down a few one-liners or a few keywords and they’ll be overcome with emotion that the words will just flow from the heart. But believe me, once you stand up there and all eyes and ears are on you, you forget what beautiful words you wanted to say.

Write down your full speech, practice it, and practice it again. Include a touch of humour, a bit of reminiscing and a whole lot of love. Make sure you include stories about the bride and the groom – it’s also his big day!

5. Spoil the Couple with an AWESOME Wedding Gift

The newlyweds can look forward to a lot of amazing wedding gifts, but as the Maid of Honor I’m sure you really want yours to stand out.

A wedding gift is the perfect opportunity to thank your best friend for choosing you to be by her side on her big day. It’s also a great way to wish the new Mr. and Mrs. a lifetime of happiness.

Guaranteed they’ll be receiving the conventional kitchen appliances and crockery from other guests, so why not get them something totally unique and special – a couple’s experience they can enjoy together.

If they’re a pair of foodies, treat them to a totally fun cooking masterclass. Not only is a great way for them to bond over yummy food, they’ll thank you later for all the awesome meals they’ll be cooking up in their kitchen.

Or perhaps they’d enjoy a relaxing couple’s spa experience? They’ll certainly appreciate that after months of wedding stress! Whatever tickles their fancy, I’m sure you know better than anyone what they’ll really enjoy. But in my experience, a gift experience over something materialistic is so much more special!

What An Honor!

It’s quite a lot to think about, but keep in mind your friend has chosen you to be her Maid of Honor because she trusts you and believes in you. And now you’re going to make her proud.

Just be there when she needs you, whether it’s lending an ear for how she can’t handle the in-laws, or if she needs someone to be the stern decision-maker in the room. Keep her calm, grounded, and make sure she has fun! You’re there to make sure she has the best day of her life.

Content written by Bibi Raven