We love it when we get messages from across the pond. We linked up with the guys at Hooked Weddings on twitter and thought it would be great to share what they are doing in the wedding world stateside. Plus the fact that we can watch as well and get involved I think its pretty cool to share the love with others….

Here’s what the guys had to say;

“Hooked weddings is a new fun & innovative concept designed to bring value and education to The Wedding Industry. And of course, a little entertainment. 

In today’s media saturated fast paced world it is hard to keep anyone’s attention. Imagine how busy the average engaged couple is as they juggle their budding careers and the stresses of wedding planning.  When searching for tips on how to plan their wedding it I can be easy for them to become overwhelmed. After a while, thousands of wedding blogs & print magazines all start to look the same.  Furthermore, we strongly believe that millennials do not have the attention span to read a long winded boring article on anything, none the less the ins and outs of wedding planning. They want things quick and to the point. And most of all, they want it entertaining.  

That’s where Hooked Weddings comes in. 

Our innovative new platform utilizes short, sweet, snack sized, 60 second video tips that are easy for viewers to watch.  Each 60 second segment offers a tip for the engaged couple straight from the wedding professionals themselves. The segments are shot in a conversational format with Host and wedding expert Deny Testa. Denny’s fun, charismatic, and quirky persona quickly grabs your attention. He infuses humor and playfulness into each segment, making you want to watch more. Even on a potentially boring topic such as guest lists. The segments aim to bring fun back into wedding planning. 

Not everyone has 5 minutes, but we all have 60 seconds. ( Can you say bathroom viewing anyone? ) Each weekday a new fresh tip is uploaded to all of our social media platforms.  The content is 100% free to viewers all they have to do is subscribe and follow along. 

Hooked Weddings is not only easy viewing, it also brings Value back to the wedding Industry. By bringing viewers behind the scenes, Denny discusses with top industry professionals what it actually takes to create each and every element for your wedding.  For example, did you know that  a wedding planner almost always pays for itself and can save you countless hours? Or that for every guest you add to your list you will spend and average of $300 more per person? “

Here is a snippet of what they film watch and head over to their  You Tube site to view more 60 second videos.

With Hooked Weddings, Off Beet Productions is bringing something very unique to the wedding planning realm!

Make sure to check them out on You Tube and follow them on ;

Facebook is www.facebook.com/HookedWeddings

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hookedweddings

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Hooked_Weddings

(This is not a sponsored blog but just for fun)