The Green Beauty Bride Guide.

There’s nothing more stunning than natural beauty, and with the goal to preserve, embellish and cherish your natural look, you can turn to Mother Nature for everything your skin, hair and nails need to bring out your radiance. And this is especially important for your special day, hence the need to upgrade your skincare to a whole new wedding-perfect level!

Add to that the rising trend of green minimalism, and you’ll have a routine that will do no harm to you or the environment. Let’s take a look at a few tried and tested favorites for all brides to be, that will make your wedding and your beauty preps natural, eco-friendly and much more sustainable than you ever imagined.

Purify your pores

Before you move onto your green nourishment plan, you need to make sure that your skin is ready to soak in the goodness of all the natural ingredients you’re about to spoil yourself with. That means that exfoliation is every bride’s best friend, especially in the several days before the big day, and choosing the right combination will make all the difference for your skin.

Among many delicious natural products out there, Josh Rosebrook’s active enzyme exfoliator is a top contestant, due to its high content of finely-ground walnut shells that perfectly cleanse, combined with various plant and fruit enzymes that help with collagen production. Did we mention it’s also perfect for your hair?

Bubble bath the healthy way

If you take a closer look at your typical shower gel label, you’ll notice a whole range of nasty elements that can do ample damage to your skin and the environment, from silicones, parabens, all the way to synthetic fragrances.

However, you can instead opt for an all-natural shea butter soap bar with apricot, making it an eco-friendly choice for your entire body that will nourish and cleanse effortlessly, without causing any harm to the environment. Another perk is that it’s organic, loaded with skin-friendly vitamins and it will hydrate as well as purify.

Detox your complexion

After you’ve chosen the perfect wash and scrub, it’s time to move onto that amazing purifying and nurturing facial mask, such as the Swisse Manuka Honey mask, enriched with Kaolin clay and activated charcoal for the perfect detox. Most importantly for such a beauty item, it’s both toxin-free and cruelty-free.

Its main ingredient, the manuka honey, is great not only for its antibacterial properties, but also for deep skin nourishment and intense hydration. The charcoal and clay will work to remove dead skin cells and any toxin build-up, while aloe vera will soothe and help reduce any irritation.

Erase those eye-lines

Every future bride’s must-have is a trusty eye cream or a balm that will help care for your most sensitive skin, and give you some plump to reduce fine lines such as crow’s feet. You need an easy to apply solution that you can bring with you to refresh your look in no time, and that will not ruin your makeup efforts afterwards.

A perfect example is Dr. Alkaitis organic eye cream packs quite a punch for those nasty eyebags, removes puffiness and helps reduce those delicate wrinkles, and the essence of this cream, aloe vera gel, will serve as true skin-relief for any occasion.

Green, yet colorful touch-ups

In addition to flaunting your natural beauty for your big day, you can further accentuate your most dazzling features with the help of eco-friendly and healthy Inika makeup. Look for makeup that blends all-natural with organic, cruelty-free and vegan, and you’ll have a winner of your beauty collection that will be the perfect cherry on top.

Elements such as essential oils that give rich moisture, long-lasting hydration, combined with pure base of oils such as coconut or shea butter, and with natural coloring, and your wedding will be a prime example of ethical beauty. For example, Lotus Bio-Mineral makes juicy lipsticks and powerful mascaras without any nasty ingredients, and 100% Pure foundations and primers will not cause any trouble for your sensitive pores or the environment.



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