Almost every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and who could blame them? The expectations are that this will be the best day of the bride’s life, and let’s not forget cameras flashing everywhere. But before you start living on 500 kcal a day (don’t!), read this simple guide that will teach you not only how to achieve your wedding look goal, but also stay healthy in the process.


1.    Make a Plan

This is applicable to any situation where you want to achieve a fitness goal – not just before your wedding. Evaluate where you are now and what you want to accomplish. How much time have you got? The earlier you decide on your fitness plan, the better. Ideally, you will want to tick your “wedding body” box about a month before the wedding, as you will need to be focusing on final preparations and it’s better to not add the stress of whether you will fit in your wedding gown.

2.    Be Realistic

If you want to lose 20 kg, but only have two months at your disposal – please, don’t do this to yourself. It would be extremely unhealthy and would leave you so weak you wouldn’t be able to dance. And that is if you succeed; chances are you would just end up miserable because you failed to achieve a crazy goal. For two months, about 8 kg could be healthy, not more than that. Similarly, if you’ve been doing squats for two years, but couldn’t get a round bum, don’t blame yourself – you can’t compete with genetics. And finally, if you want to be on a diet, but cannot imagine dinner without at least a square of chocolate, don’t commit to a year of no sugar. Being realistic won’t make the results come sooner or easier, but at least you won’t lose your mind.

3.    Eat Well

Losing weight and keeping fit is 80% nutrition, and only 20% working out. We can work out an hour or two every day of the week, but we’re still left with what we do for the rest 154 hours. Limit the food you know is not that good for you, and enjoy vegetables, nuts, dairy, lean meats, fruits. Be wary of portion control and don’t eat tons of something just because it’s healthy. If you’re really committed, try tracking calories, but don’t be obsessed with that – that’s just another way of turning into an angry Bridezilla. Just burn more than you eat.


Finally, make sure you’re taking enough protein, which many women tend not to. Since you want to lose fat, and not muscle, your best chance of preserving the muscle is eating protein-rich food, and of course, work it out. If you’re not a meat lover, or simply cannot imagine eating chicken breast two times a day, don’t worry. Have you known that there are even cakes and chocolates dedicated to people trying to take enough protein? And they’re actually so tasty! For example, True Protein pancakes are just so good, you’ll probably be finding an excuse to nib on them long after the wedding!


4.    Do Not Be Afraid of the Gym

Those who had never stepped there before might have a vague idea of a place full of supermodels who laugh at the newbies; but everybody is there with the same goal – to do something good for their body – and nobody will even notice you. Focus on squats and lunges for glutes and legs; chest press and lat pulldown that will work nicely on chest, back, triceps and biceps; and for the shoulders, you can do shoulder presses or lateral raises. Don’t get frustrated if you’re not losing fat from where you want – there is no targeted fat loss. What these exercises will do is work the muscle to make it more toned. Fat loss will happen as if it has its own will. So just persist!

5.    Track Your Progress

But don’t use the scale! Gaining muscle and losing fat is the outcome you are hoping for, but looking at the numbers on the scale may leave you disheartened even when, in fact, you’re doing great. Snap a selfie every weekend – always in the same light and the same underwear. Grab a measuring tape, it will tell more truth than the scale.

Achieving fitness goals in the midst of stressful wedding planning is not impossible. Take small steps, eat good food, sweat it out and enjoy the process. After all, you’re only getting married once. Make your fitness journey a truly meaningful one, and no matter what the attainable numbers are on your wedding day, you will definitely feel and look great. Cheers!

Content written by Helen Bradford