Dominika Entwistle Wedding  Photography is a new business on our radar. Exhibiting at our Museum of Science and Industry Showcase this Feb 4th we thought it would be nice to a little introduction to some of our exhibitors. First up Dominika. Heres what she has to say ….

“I enjoy witnessing and capturing moments of joy and love. This is why I like photographing weddings so much. With a mixture of candid shots and elegant portraits, my aim is to encapsulate the feel of the day with images that will last a lifetime.

I married my husband, Gareth, in August 2015. The memories of all the love and happiness we had on our special day are still very fresh – but so are the memories of all the craziness and work that goes into organising a wedding. With my wedding photography, I try to offer support and reassurance to make the day as smooth as possible. I focus on the special moments and memories you will treasure.

I’m from Poland and am currently based in Manchester. I started taking photos when my dad gave me his old Russian analogue camera – a Zenith. From there my passion for photography began there and since then I have graduated from the Krakow Academy of Photography and my work has been exhibited all over the world, including a Poland, China and the UK.”

Take a look at Dominika’s slideshow of images to get an insight into her world. If you like what you see Dominika has an offer over on Facebook for £200 off your package running till 31st Jan 2017.

Click here to view the WEBSITE