When I was schmoozing down my instagram feed, I saw this happy go lucky bride and knew I had to blog this special wedding. Cue one email and interview later we had ourselves a mini Q&A……


So without further ado, read on and please say hello to Rochelle & David Garvey.

The Garveys

Lucy the Details

The Wedding Venue.

Bury registry office on the 28th of march 2015 – neither of us are religious so a church didn’t seem relevant.

The Details

We booked the wedding eight weeks before as we just wanted something that didn’t take forever planning and as we’d just had a baby and bought our first home we didn’t want to spend a lot of money either.

The Dress

I had never wanted a big white expensive wedding dress as I’m not that sort of girl, also I was breastfeeding my daughter and needed easy “boob” access during the day. I must have returned at least fifty possible outfit options and just stayed positive that eventually I’d find my outfit. David even took me to Selfridges and told me to just find something I liked regardless of the price and still I couldn’t find anything I liked. Eventually it began to all come together the morning of the wedding.
I ordered the skirt off the internet from a brand called American Retro, the shoes were from Dorothy Perkins, jacket from Ebay. However I couldn’t find a top that went well and by the morning of the wedding I still didn’t know for sure what I was going to wear I just had a load of possible tops I’d bought the day before and hadn’t even had the time to try the whole outfit on. I got ready at my new sister in laws house, claire garvey from Baked with love MCR and asked her to give her opinion on my outfit as it was the first time I was trying it all out together and the first top I tried was the one I ended up wearing which was from Matalan!

The Suit

David is really hard to shop for and I thought he’d be the troublesome to find an outfit for yet within three weeks of booking the wedding David had been to Debenhams and got measured for a 3 piece suit! He chose a blue suit with a red tie and brown shoes.

The  Accessories

My something new was a elbow length ivory veil with delicate Swarovski crystals from a bridal shop in Ramsbottom called Love & Cherish. My something old was a silver embellished handbag from a vintage shop in Ramsbottom. I didn’t have a borrowed or a blue!

The Photographer

We initially weren’t going to bother with a photographer and just allow our guests to take pics until my friend found a photographer willing to shoot the whole day for free to bulk his portfolio. A boyfriend/girlfriend duo called Vago Photo, and they were absolutely marvellous! I’ve just received the photos back and I’m so happy with the standard of their work and now they only charge £300 for the whole day!


The Cake

Claire of Baked with Love MCR. Handled our whole desert table and it was absolutely stunning! There was a macaron Tower, selection of handmade cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcake towers and boxes of double chocolate chip and stem ginger cookies along with chocolate Brownies! Easy to understand why it was completely demolished with only crumbs left by the end of the night!

Best Moment

After marrying my best friend it has to be when the grooms brother Andy Garvey preformed ‘thinking out loud’ for our first dance, very talented musician and it was absolutely beautiful!

We Partied

At the welcome Inn function room which has recently been refurbished and was absolutely amazing for the event.

 Rochelle 4



rochelle 3

Richelle 7